60 classic cycling quotes! Worth collecting!


One day, the rear wheel fell in love with the front wheel, but he knew he would never be with her, so he kissed every inch of the land she rolled over.


There is a beautiful girl named Lhasa in Tibet.


Going uphill is like saving money and going downhill is like spending money.

How tired it is going uphill and how cool it is going downhill.


Travel is to leave a familiar place and return differently.


Measure life with wheels.


One person can ride faster, and a group of people can ride farther! 7.

Wonderful on the way.


Everyone who has not been to Tibet is convinced that he will set foot on that land one day, and everyone who leaves is convinced that he will return.


If you don’t do something now, you won’t do it all your life.


In fact, you only need to have a heart to go out.


Ride on the road with the scenery in mind.


Riding doesn’t care about the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery.


Go on the road with a dream! 14.

All you need is a brave heart.


Every day is changing.

Every day is too lonely.

I look for comfort and happiness in this loneliness.


When I was sweating like rain and riding my bike over mountains, you were immersed in island movies and got out of control! When I was 70 years old, I still rode my bike across the mountains, but you have become a part of nature.


As long as you have a free heart and a car is enough.


There must be at least two impulses in life, a desperate love and a trip that goes at will.


If you are not satisfied with your appearance, you can brake at any time.


Rider’s dream: a good car, a SLR, a strong ass.


Go as far as the road is.


There is a kind of travel called bike travel.

It has no luxury preparation, but needs the courage to break into the back seat and a heart to go.

Even a permanent bicycle can make your dream go far.

Riding alone, lonely but introspective; A group of people ride, spectacular and powerful.

I hope that one day, like them, I will ride my bike on the road and experience a kind of body going to hell, eyes entering heaven and soul returning to my hometown.


Some people have been thinking about how to ride Tibet.

Some people have professional riding equipment, sufficient funds and time, and mature and experienced riding teams.

Why am I different from them? But I am me.

Why should I be like them? Even if those are not, it is enough to have a heart on the road.

I take my own road, not only at my feet, but also in life…


Only by going out can we know how big the world is! 25.

If you still have a dream, take your soul and go.


Not afraid of the long road, but afraid of the old heart.


Take a risk for what you think you should do, even if you make a mistake.

How boring that youth is! 28.

There are two purposes of riding: first, to see my sister; 2、 Ride a bike to see my sister.


I like the feeling on the road.

Ride freely, go if you want, stop if you want.

I don’t care about the end of the ride, but the scenery along the way and the mood of enjoying the scenery.


The best time in one’s life is riding a bicycle on the way to school.


We should ride to more places, encounter more scenery and write more stories about youth…

32 Only by going out can we know how big the world is.


Tell your friends that you went to Tibet.


Let’s go! 35.

There is a way in everyone’s heart.

Some people choose to start alone just to find an exit to their inner difficulties, some choose to move forward side by side to witness each other’s brotherhood, and some are willing to go through hardships just to realize a romantic commitment.

Whether or not, it is to take you to find the way in your heart.


What has been turned over is only a mountain in my heart.


In fact, we just regard wandering as travel.

The reason why I choose cycling is that there will be more beauty waiting for us on the road.


Changing a car is sometimes a change of mood! 39.

At that moment, I looked up at the stars, my legs seemed to walk among the stars, and my crotch was like endless void…

I would like to walk forever, but I need to return to this earth after all.

Meow, my waist is tired and broken, my leg TDM is soft, and my crotch is numb.

When is this slope the end! Team leader! Please rest! 40.

Whether you eat breakfast or not, cycling is completely two states, just like life – whether you have enough food and clothing determines your attitude towards life! 42.

There can be thousands of excuses for not starting, but there is only one reason for starting: go! 43.

Life is like the Sichuan Tibet line.

Sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low.

Do you warn yourself to be strong through every period.


If someone gets in your way, just let your wheels run over the dust.


The biggest difference between tourism and travel is that tourism is only with feet and eyes, while travel also brings soul and dreams.

Either travel, or read, body and soul, there must be one on the road “let the body on the road, and then let the soul continue on the road.

Disappear online.


Some things are suitable for one person; Some roads are suitable for one person.


You can combine a bicycle, but you can’t combine the happiness of cycling unless you ride it.


On the journey, if you have money, you can take a plane, stay in a luxury hotel and have a feast; If you don’t have money, take the train, live in CYTS and eat snacks.

The important thing is the mood and mentality.

I always like one sentence: a SLR, 49 A backpack, a heart that says to go.

Let me add: I hope I will be on my way in many years.

Travel only needs a heart to go ~ 50 Life is a journey full of unknowns.

What you care about is the scenery along the way..