“9-character” eating principle before and after riding

For cyclists, eating is not just delicious and bad.

Eat the wrong food, ride hard, slow and ineffective; Eat right, ride smoothly, fast and easy.

Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the eating principles of cycling.

Today is no longer to list the menu for you, but to talk about the principles! A total of 9 words, make sure you can remember.

Before riding: easy to digest, high calorie! Eating before exercise is like drinking coffee.

You can do it or not.

What you eat, when you eat it, and whether you should or should not eat it all depend on endless factors, including the time you exercise, the intensity of exercise, and how your body handles food.

Usually not strictly speaking, we say we can start cycling half an hour to 40 minutes after dinner.

But if strictly speaking, it’s good to eat within 3 hours before riding.

In this way, the food is basically digested, reducing the burden of intestines and stomach in cycling; And food can store energy for cycling, making us more “energetic” in cycling.

In the previous content, we mentioned the role of five nutrients on the body.

According to the role of these nutrients, we can accurately select which foods are suitable for “easy digestion and high calorie” before riding.

Carbohydrates: staple foods such as rice, bread and pasta; Vitamins: orange, lemon, grapefruit and other fruits.

In other words, if you want to prepare for training, you’d better start eating 3 hours in advance.

The food should at least include staple foods and fruits.

High fiber and high-fat foods are the most forbidden foods on the list of things not to eat.

“If you eat before exercise, you should avoid foods that take a long time to digest, such as high fiber raw vegetables and large salads,” Sher said.

“It’s best to avoid high-fat foods, especially greasy fats.” Instead, Schell recommends eating a combination of carbohydrates and protein, paying attention to the proportion and amount.

“Remembering weight is also an important factor,” she added.

“Overeating before exercise can have a negative impact on how you feel during exercise.” This is what shere calls the best pre exercise food: bananas and peanut butter, yogurt (if you’re not sensitive to dairy products), sliced chicken or Turkey and applesauce, sweet potatoes (or boiled eggs).

After riding: minerals.

Why drink energy drinks after riding? In addition to replenishing the required water, it can also replenish minerals.

In the process of cycling, we lose minerals because of a lot of sweating.

For high-intensity, long-time and sweaty long-distance cycling, minerals need to be supplemented as soon as possible to maintain balance.

Fish, meat, eggs, bean products, fruits, vegetables and most seafood can help us replenish minerals quickly.

Before riding: easy to digest, high calorie! After riding: Minerals! 1.

Moderate protein light food after exercise: the study found that supplementing moderate protein light food within 60 minutes after exercise will not make you fat.

It can also help repair muscle tissue, accelerate recovery of physical strength, improve basic metabolic rate and help consume calories.

It is suggested that when you return to normal heartbeat after exercise, you can choose nuts, chicken breast, boiled eggs or high protein drinks with high fiber foods, such as all kinds of vegetables, miscellaneous grains, bread or a piece of fruit.

You can eat five to six minutes full.


Eat a small amount of high fiber food after exercise: within 1 hour after exercise, you can drink an appropriate amount of boiled water to supplement the excessive loss of water and reduce hunger.

After more than 1 hour of exercise, if you still feel hungry, eat a small amount of whole grain food, which can effectively help the body burn fat.

If you want to improve the metabolic rate of cells, it is recommended to supplement foods containing collagen, such as fresh milk, eggs, fish skin, etc.


Eat one hour after exercise: eat about one hour after exercise.

It is easier to accept all kinds of drinks or liquid food after exercise, and can supplement water at the same time.

If you haven’t eaten dinner two hours after exercise, you can eat solid food to supplement carbohydrates and protein.

For example, three fruits (apples, oranges, etc.), two fruits with a glass of milk, 500ml pure juice, two fruits with a yogurt, two pieces of bread with a little jam and a glass of milk, etc.

Do you remember the “9-word” eating principle before and after riding<.