13 skills to improve riding speed

“Am I faster than the others?” “Can I ride faster?” “How can I ride faster?” Is it too hard to ride fast, and the riding pressure is too great? Here are 13 ways to improve your speed.

It is no longer a fantasy to blast your teammates! (why can he become lightning fast!! how does he do it!) I.

The simplest method – the biggest problem that affects the riding speed is wind resistance.

Many of the following suggestions are aimed at wind resistance.

The simplest way is to lower your upper body slightly and lean against the handlebars as much as possible to reduce the area of your body touching the wind.

If you don’t believe me, you can try.


Listen to music.

Music plays a positive role in stepping frequency (it is recommended to use stereo instead of wearing headphones to avoid danger.) Some people think that listening to music will interfere with your judgment of road conditions.

(however, the national riding training standard suggests this because it will increase the frequency of riders’ observation of road conditions.

Because the concert interferes with them, they need to look around from time to time.).

When you listen to fast-paced and dynamic music, it will distract you and reduce your perception of physical fatigue by at least 10%.

And you will unconsciously ride faster and faster with the rhythm of the music.


Riding with others and with others can really improve your average speed.

First of all, if you ride with many people, you can share the work of breaking the wind with each other, which is certainly much better than if you bear the wind from beginning to end alone.

Secondly, together with others, you can also be encouraged to improve your riding speed, because you will have a sense of chasing and do not want to be the one left behind all the time.

This mentality will also improve your average speed and help you ride in the future.


fully inflate the tire.

The correct tire pressure will increase the speed of the wheel set.

Therefore, you must check the tire pressure before riding, because if you haven’t ridden for a long time, the wheels will be affected by the outside temperature and air, and the tire pressure will become smaller.

At this time, you need to inflate the tires.

Before inflation, check the recommended tire pressure on the lower tire wall.

It is best to use a standing pump, and it is best to use a barometer.


reduce unnecessary braking.

Braking will slow down your speed, and restart after braking.

You need to step on it with greater force to restore your original speed.

So how to improve the speed? Firstly, the frequency of braking should not be too high.

It can only be used on long slopes or when the speed is too fast for you to control.

If you want to be faster than others, in addition to the above situations, do not habitually brake.

The lower the braking frequency, the longer you can keep the average speed at a higher level.

Remember, when braking, please do it on the straight road.

Otherwise, if you turn and brake, you will feel bad, especially for small turns.

You know!! Vi.

if your car has a lower handle, how often do you use it? Maybe this kind of situation is rare, ha ha.

However, riding in the lower position can improve your control ability, reduce aerodynamic resistance, and improve your self-confidence when turning and downhill.

When you ride with the lower handle, you can reduce the wind resistance by 20% compared with the upper handle.


Learn to order cars.

You must often see other people order cars effortlessly and stop at the traffic lights.

You think they are showing off their “superhuman” abilities.

But there are far more people with this technology than those who love to show off.

When you are still trying to figure out how to ride a bike, they have already changed a lot of configurations, not to mention their riding skills.

However, ordering a car does need practice, but you should not try it during rush hours at the beginning.


Set out against the wind and go home with the wind.

The wind can be a friend or an enemy to the rider, depending on how you use it.

Riding against the wind will really make you very tired.

You will feel that it is useless to spend much effort, just like climbing a hill.

Downwind is different.

It is as comfortable as downhill experience.

You feel that you can ride very fast at will.

Therefore, we must plan the route well and make effective use of the impact of the wind on riding.

Therefore, we usually travel against the wind when we set out (when we are physically strong) and go home with the wind when we return (when we are tired).


If you want to lose weight faster, it is bad intention.

You may have to lose weight.

Even a little will make you feel very different.

Because of the same force, if you lose weight, the speed will surely be faster.

This is also good for climbing, because you have less work to do to overcome gravity.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to go on a diet or exercise to reduce weight.

You just need to add less sugar when drinking coffee, eat less, and exercise moderately every day.

For example, a half hour to an hour of riding time will be significantly different in a month or two, because persistence is the key.


the fastest way to improve the average speed of interval training is speed training.

Of course, this is about methods.

Obviously, you can’t just pull the car out on a whim today and then come back at a speed several times faster than usual.

You will be very tired and hurt your body.

If you want to improve the average speed training more professionally, there are a lot of information about this online.

You can enter “power training” to query.


It takes a long time to exercise muscles.

Sorry, there is no shortcut.

If you have the habit of cycling regularly, the average speed will naturally increase..