If you need to carry a tent for riding, there are four situations you must consider


Season: the season suitable for cycling and camping is spring and autumn, and neither summer nor winter is suitable for cycling and camping.

In winter, the weather in most parts of China is cold.

Do you still carry your tent for a long journey? If you are cycling around Hainan Island in winter, it is another matter.

In summer, the biggest problems are bathing, rain and mosquitoes.

The mosquito problem is very simple.

Just buy a bottle of toilet water.

However, a few days without a bath would be very uncomfortable.

And once it rains, it is not easy to find a dry ground to camp.


Accommodation of cycling routes: there are hotels and hostels in all villages and towns in our country.

You can also go to local residents’ homes for lodging.

For experienced cyclists, this problem is not a problem.

Many novices worry that when night falls, I am in a place where I can’t reach the village in front and the shop in the back.

What should I do? Each of us is not stupid.

At about five o’clock in the afternoon, your body will respond to hunger and fatigue.

These reactions are a feedback signal: is it time to find a place to rest.

In this case, as a rational adult, you must first ask passers-by: how far is the next Township, and judge the time when you arrive at the next township.

There will never be a situation in which the village is not located before and the store is not located after.

Of course, if you still have to go to the next town after nightfall, you will have to bear a series of problems.


Long distance riding mileage: what kind of riding mileage is long distance? The mileage exceeding 2 days can be called long-distance riding.

According to the calculation that most riders ride about 100km every day, the mileage exceeding 250km can be called long-distance riding.

Under this premise, the longer the riding mileage, the less you should consider camping.

Because the burden of camping and unstable accommodation will increase a lot of safety problems.

As a tourist, you should reduce the risk, not increase the probability of risk.

Of course, if you go to no man’s land, it is an exception.


Funding: many people think that bringing a tent can save money.

In fact, the price of beds in most cheap hotels or CYTS inns in China is less than 50 yuan.

Many riders will think that I must buy a tent.

The tent costs hundreds of yuan, and the accommodation cost for a trip is also hundreds of yuan.

This issue is worth discussing: to buy Tents, you also need to buy sleeping bags, damp proof mats, stoves, pots and other equipment.

Finally found that not only did not save money, but spent more money to buy a pile of cumbersome…