10 riding mottos, ride with blood!

There are many nodes you can choose to give up on the way to your destination.

Not worthy of the suffering, but also to live up to their ambitions, but the most painful.

Xiaobian has collected some riding mottos to share with you.

I hope you will come back to life with blood after reading them and start riding! 1: Persistence is a kind of faith! In fact, life is like riding a bike.

You need to work hard to move forward.

If you don’t work hard, you’re going downhill.

Adjust your mind and get on the road.

When you feel stressed, upset and depressed, don’t stop riding a bike! 2: There are always thousands of excuses for not starting, but there is only one reason for starting! As long as you stick to it, you will find more and more beautiful scenery.

All the twists and turns and all the ups and downs have the meaning of his existence.

Go forward, even if you don’t know the direction, stick to it, there will always be a light that belongs to you! 3: Solid teeth is an attitude to life, an attitude that you can’t move forward without pedaling! 4: On the road, just for the people who warm me; On the road, it is the journey of my life.

If the time of youth is spent in leisure, it will be a desolate tragedy to recall the years.

It is better to start and experience again than to recall the earth shaking events in situ.

5: Riding cares not about the destination, but always on the road! Ride freely, go as you like, and stop as you like.

I don’t care about the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood of appreciating the scenery.

6: If you have a dream, go after it.

No one can stop you from succeeding.

I have been touched and indifferent on the way to pursue my dream, but after all, no one can control you what you insist on doing.

What if you are so tired that you leave your bike on the ground and don’t want to move? Or step by step slowly to reach the destination.

7: As long as you have a free heart and a car is enough.

Only when you really ride on the road can you appreciate the scenery along the way of nature, but walking is too slow, driving is too fast, riding a bike is just right, and you have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery all the way.

8: Go beyond yourself and be different.

Cycling has sweat and blood, friendship and love.

Challenging yourself every day will make you grow up and become a different person.

9: What we have crossed is only the mountain in our hearts: only love and dreams can not be given up.

If someone rides with you every day, whether it’s friendship or love, you should cherish it! Is there a powerful word that has inspired you to ride for so long? Welcome to leave a message..