The seven benefits of riding are worth riding for a lifetime!

Many people know that cycling is a very good aerobic exercise.

It can be said that walking is energy-saving and environmental protection.

You can enjoy beautiful scenery everywhere and taste all kinds of delicious snacks.

It can be said that it not only exercises the body, but also pleases the body and mind.

If you can persist in cycling for a long time, you will achieve some good results: 1 Ride a bike four miles a day (about 6.4km) people are 50% less likely to suffer from heart and coronary artery disease than non cyclists; 2.

People who often ride bicycles are 10 years younger than those who do not often exercise; 3.

Riding bicycles for half an hour burns about 150 calories, which is obviously beneficial to weight loss; 4.

Regular cycling will improve lung function, especially when suffering from bronchial or respiratory diseases It is very useful for asthma and other diseases; 5.

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, and it will not cause excessive load on joints and muscles.

It is good for people with arthritis, overweight or poor physical condition; 6.

Cycling will not make your body too tired.

You can continue to ride even when you are old.

From this point of view, cycling should be regarded as a hobby earlier; 7.

Regular exercise is beneficial to reduce psychological pressure and prevent depression.


According to a study by Stanford University School of medicine, sedentary insomnia patients are required to ride bicycles for 20-30 minutes every other day.

As a result, the sleep time of these patients was shortened by half and the sleep time was prolonged by nearly an hour.

Experiments have proved that cycling early in the morning can indeed improve the quality of sleep.


According to experts from Bristol University, the benefits of cycling can go deep into the body.

“Physical exercise can shorten the time for food to pass through the large intestine, limit the absorption of water in the intestine and ensure the smooth discharge of stool,” explained ana Raimundo, a gastroenterologist on Harry street..