Riding is so popular because of these five advantages

The main reason why cycling is favored by the public is that many of its advantages are unmatched by other sports.

With a large amount of exercise, most human muscles are concentrated in the legs, and cycling is to make the legs move continuously.

In addition, we use our hands, wrists and back muscles when cycling, which is equivalent to a whole-body exercise that can increase heat consumption.

For example, in the world’s most famous cycling event, the tour de France, The average player consumes 5000 ~ 8000kcal every day (kcal) heat.

It also takes an hour to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The distance traveled by cycling is 5 times that of walking and 2 ~ 3 times that of jogging.

In other words, cycling can see more outdoor scenery.

As long as the weather is fine, we can decide the destination according to our mood.

Unlike other sports such as swimming and basketball, we will be affected by the venue and time Limitations.

Cycling is a fairly free sport.

To activate the brain, riding a bicycle requires high skills: keep the balance of the bicycle, step on the pedal, pay attention to the road conditions, choose a safe route, turn the handlebars at any time, flexibly control the speed change device when going up and down the slope.

Excellent aerobic exercise.

When riding a bicycle on the general road, we should also pay attention to other road signs, observe the state of surrounding motor vehicles and pedestrians, and have sharp eyes, Be able to notice the dangerous causes such as empty bottles and holes in front of the road.

In short, when cycling, you need to see six directions and listen to all directions.

You can instantly distinguish all kinds of information received by your eyes, ears and nose and act accordingly.

Cycling is also a sport that can activate the brain and make people smarter.

Aerobic exercise can absorb enough oxygen, which is an effective exercise to burn and accumulate fat.

Our body is composed of more than 200 bones.

The muscle covering the bones is skeletal muscle.

It is composed of aerobic muscle called slow muscle fiber and anaerobic muscle called fast muscle fiber.

Among them, the main heat source of aerobic muscle is sugar and fat, and the heat source of anaerobic muscle is sugar.

Muscle stores a limited amount of liver sugar, which will consume all liver sugar during intense exercise.

In this way, aerobic muscle will continue to consume accumulated fat in order to continue exercise.

However, only if we continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes can we use aerobic exercise to burn fat in our body.

It has the advantage of aerobic exercise.

Generally, the standard of exercise intensity is how many times the heart sends blood within 1min, that is, the number of heartbeats.

Cycling is a very effective means to maintain the heart rate that meets the aerobic exercise standard.

When maintaining a certain exercise intensity, the muscles of the human body will produce heat energy to raise the body temperature.

At this time, the human body will automatically sweat to reduce the body temperature.

The main component of sweat is water.

Every 1L of water lost by a person weighing 60kg will reduce his body temperature by 12 ℃.

Of course, sweating is not the only way to reduce body temperature, and the water and heat discharged during breathing should not be underestimated.

The speed of cycling is relatively fast.

Cyclists are often blown by the oncoming wind, so the sweat is easy to evaporate.

Therefore, although our body temperature may rise sharply when cycling, the evaporation of sweat can ensure that the human body maintains a comfortable body temperature, and the advantages of aerobic exercise are reflected here…