Riding an electric car makes a gorgeous turn, but the end is… Are you right about these two points?

Here we are.

Here comes millet.

Here comes a new case of electric bicycle.

This case is a little different from the past.

As for what’s different, let’s find out for ourselves.

At about 12:36 on September 14, 2021, Shenzhen traffic police received an alarm that a man fell on an electric bicycle and suffered head injury on the road in liaokeng community park, Bao’an District.

Video of the accident scene > > > after receiving the alarm, the Shenzhen traffic police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out personnel rescue and accident investigation.

After obtaining the monitoring video of the section of the accident, at about 11:48 on September 14, 2021, when Xu Mouxiang rode Shenzhen b * * * * 9 electric bicycle in the greenway of Bailu Lake Park in liaokeng, Bao’an District, the vehicle overturned due to improper operation, A road traffic accident causing Xu Mouxiang’s injury and partial damage to the vehicle.

It can be seen from the surveillance video that the man did not wear a safety helmet, resulting in head injury and bleeding.

When the accident occurred, it was a daytime road with good sight.

The accident section was a dry asphalt road without other vehicles and pedestrians.

Others felt that the probability of the accident was comparable to winning the lottery.

Did they wear it or not, It’s probably the difference between life and death.

Don’t wait for the injury to happen and regret.

In addition to wearing it, wearing it well and wearing it is equally important.

How to buy an effective safety helmet? Millet teaches you! There are many types of safety helmets, including full helmets, three-quarters helmets, uncovering helmets, half helmets, etc.

When purchasing, we mainly look at the following points: select products with certificates, trademarks, factory names, factory addresses, standard codes and other signs, and the product appearance shall be printed neatly, with clear patterns and neat appearance; See if the product has cushioning material.

Press the inner buffer layer of the helmet by hand, and there shall be a slight rebound feeling, that is, it is not hard, nor pit or slag; The goggles have good light transmittance and the helmet is comfortable to wear.

When you buy, you must try on the products that are suitable for your head shape and size.

Don’t be too tight or loose.

Don’t pinch your face and shake.

Weight: don’t get tired after wearing.

Safety helmet ≠ don’t wear “coping” helmet.

Safety helmet on site plays a protective role when the head is impacted by falling objects, The electric bicycle safety helmet needs to play a protective role when the head protection area is impacted in all directions.

In addition to buffering the direct impact, it also needs to withstand the test of high-speed friction and reduce the interference of head-on airflow and sundries during riding.

Click the picture to see the details.

Wearing a helmet and riding an electric bicycle can only play a role in the event of falling objects.

In traffic accidents, the helmet will undoubtedly not play an effective role in protection.

Wearing a helmet ≠ fasten the safety buckle when wearing a helmet, otherwise it is no different from not wearing a helmet.

Please accept the correct way of wearing a helmet ▲ slide up and down to see ▼▲ figure source: every step of Weifang traffic police millet I hope you can always be vigilant, put safety first, less luck, more compliance with traffic regulations, and don’t let the tragedy play on yourself..