Riding has many advantages, but these eight groups are not suitable for cycling

Cycling is currently a healthy and environmentally friendly green way of fitness and travel.

Advantages of cycling 1.

Develop the brain.

Because cycling is a contralateral dominant movement, it can improve the agility of the nervous system.


Alternating pedaling with two legs can develop the left and right brain functions at the same time.


Weight loss and slimming because in cycling, the human body carries out periodic aerobic exercise, so that exercisers can effectively consume more calories, and long-term persistence can receive significant weight loss effect.


In addition to exercising the weight loss effects of waist and legs, cycling can also exercise the muscles in these parts, making the muscles more powerful and elastic.

In addition, in the process of cycling, the blood circulation of the whole body becomes more and more smooth, and the body will become stronger and stronger when the Qi and blood are unblocked.


Relax stress.

Regular exercise is beneficial to reduce psychological stress and prevent depression.

Especially when riding outdoors, people are mentally focused, and can enjoy some landscapes along the way.

Riding together can also make like-minded friends and confidants.

These are good ways to relax.


Improve sexual function.

Cycling 4-5km a day can stimulate the secretion of estrogen or androgen, enhance sexual ability and contribute to the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife.


Improving the human cardiovascular cycling can compress the blood flow through the exercise of the legs and draw the notes back to the heart from the vascular endings.

In fact, it also strengthens the microvascular tissue, which is called “collateral circulation”.

Strengthening blood vessels can protect you from the threat of age and keep your youth forever.

Habitual cycling can expand your heart.

Otherwise, the blood vessels will become thinner and thinner, and the heart will degenerate more and more.


It’s safe and environmentally friendly to ride a bicycle.

It doesn’t matter if there is a collision with others.

It can be solved with a smiling face and a few apologies.

Moreover, people are generally absolutely fine.

It’s great if they drive a car and motorcycle.

Now the air quality is getting worse and worse.

A very important reason is the massive emission of automobile exhaust.

Cycling has no exhaust at all, which can make some contributions to our blue sky project.

8 kinds of people who are not suitable for cycling 1.

People with heart disease will increase myocardial oxygen consumption and cardiac function load during cycling.


Cycling in patients with coronary heart disease can induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and even sudden death.


Cycling in patients with rheumatic heart disease can induce heart failure and arrhythmia, aggravating the condition.


For those with severe hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis, due to their high concentration during cycling, the secretion of catecholamines in the body increases, resulting in increased blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, and even cerebral hemorrhage.


Epilepsy patients ride a bike with high tension and excitement, can induce seizures, prone to car accidents.

In addition, people with mental abnormalities such as fantasy, visions and hallucinations should not ride bicycles.


Pregnant women, especially after 3 to 6 months of pregnancy, should not ride bicycles to avoid abortion or premature delivery.


High myopia and color blindness high myopia or color blindness have short sight and are difficult to recognize traffic signals.


Those with high anemia, hypotension and hypoglycemia are prone to brain anemia, hypoxia and even sudden fainting because of high anemia, hypotension and hypoglycemia…