An old man in Zongyang fell down when riding!

On the morning of November 30, 2021, the mobile squadron of the traffic management brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Zongyang County organized the daily investigation and treatment of overload and overrun.

When patrolling to Qianqiao cross road, it was found that an old man was lying on the roadside with his hands covering his chest and his expression was more painful.

The on duty team saw this and quickly stopped to check, The onlookers at the scene told the team members that the old man fell down by himself in a battery car.

After understanding the situation, the team members asked the old man if he was uncomfortable, whether he could move, and whether he needed an ambulance.

The old man heard the concerns and greetings of the traffic police members and said that there was no serious problem, so the team members immediately helped the old man up and let the old man sit in a chair.

The old man was old, Cycling and falling down will certainly hurt, but the traffic police are very considerate.

Although the old man still has a painful expression, he has a smile on his face.

After the old man’s family arrived at the scene, they expressed their heartfelt thanks to the team members! Zongyang traffic police warmly remind the masses that they wear more and thick clothes in winter, which will inevitably be inconvenient and slow in riding.

Therefore, I hope you must pay attention to safety and wear helmets.

Abide by laws and regulations, be courteous, and travel safely and civilized! (Lu Daming) 1.

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