Riding ass pain? Give you the most comprehensive mitigation techniques

In the process of riding, everyone’s hip shape is different, and no cushion can fit everyone.

Almost everyone has a bad ass experience, like on pins and needles.

Even old riders who have long been used to cushions will feel uncomfortable after riding for a long time.

In addition to finding a suitable cushion and slowly adapting to the cushion, you can also keep your ass away from pain through the following points What causes ass pain? Compression: when sitting on the cushion, when the body weight is pressed on the small area of the cushion, it will produce a very large pressure, which will compress the capillaries and affect the blood circulation.

Shear force and friction: when pedaling, the human body swings slightly left and right on the cushion, rubs the edge of the cushion, generates friction, friction generates heat, and soon leads to pain and skin damage.

The shear force generated by friction with the cushion combined with the compression further aggravates the disorder of blood circulation.

Moisture: moisture brought by sweat aggravates the effect of shear force.

Temperature: when riding, the skin temperature, especially the temperature of the perineum, will rise significantly.

The rise of temperature accelerates the metabolism of the skin, and the blood circulation is blocked under the action of compression and shear force.

At this time, the skin begins to necrosis because it can’t get enough nutrients.

Due to the four main reasons mentioned above, the skin in contact with your body and cushion does not get enough nutrition, resulting in pain, tissue necrosis and ulceration.

Connective tissue such as skin is more prone to ulceration because of its poor self-healing ability.

However, it is also suggested to control the frequency of riding, especially to make preparations before riding to prevent these situations.

Keep away from riding sickness.


Feel carefully.

If your lower back begins to feel stiff, you can’t ignore the damage caused by the cushion.

If you think this is just a process and you will adapt to it if you practice “iron fart skill” slowly, you are very wrong.

If you continue to ride regardless of the danger signal sent by your body, it will cause more serious consequences.


Changing the seat point in ten minutes is easy to be paralyzed when the same posture is maintained for too long during cycling.

Moving the ass every ten minutes or lifting the ass from the cushion can not only save energy, but also reduce the pressure on the hips and make the blood flow smoothly, so that the hips will not be numb and painful.

In addition, when some riders ride, the set speed of treading is too high and there are too many empty treads, resulting in increased friction and accelerating the occurrence of pain.


Check the height of the seat cushion.

If the height of the seat cushion is too front and too low, the ass will slide back when riding and stepping, and the seat cushion will cut to the crotch, which is easy to burn.

So finding a suitable cushion height is helpful to relieve pain.

To know what height is correct, you can check it through the following methods.

When you step on the lower dead center during riding, your knees will be slightly bent or stationary.

Your hips will sit on the cushion, your heels can step on the foot, and your feet will be upright.


Suitable cushion everyone’s hip shape is different, so no cushion can be suitable for everyone.

The support width of the cushion itself should just meet the width of the pelvis.

The cushion that is too wide, too narrow, too soft or too hard may cause discomfort.

Unsuitable cushion is also the main reason for burning.

In case of burning, you can choose a narrow cushion to reduce the friction on the inner side of the thigh.

For the choice of suitable cushion, you can find out the pain points through more riding, and then discuss with professional stores to find the most suitable cushion.


Wear padded riding pants.

When riding, avoid wearing hard pants.

It is best to wear fit riding pants with padded.

Because the riding pants have strong elasticity, free movement and excellent air permeability, they won’t feel uncomfortable even in summer.


Maintain personal hygiene.

Maintaining personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections.

Wear clean riding pants every time, and avoid sitting around when sweat soaks them.

Some skin creams contain antibacterial ingredients, such as extracts of various herbs.


Choose the seat according to your riding state.

We generally ride in these states: commuting, brushing the street, short outing, long-distance travel, cross-country riding, racing, etc.

the choice of seat is also different under various riding states.

This is a complex and long selection process.

Just like looking for your lover, the suitable is the most perfect! 8.

Adjustment of riding posture the wrong riding posture will cause more center of gravity pressure to fall on the buttocks.

The correct posture will disperse the pressure on the hand, foot and seat cushion.

When riding, you should exert your strength in your abdomen.

When stepping on your feet, don’t step outside eight, slightly inside eight or parallel, so that your strength can fall on your feet correctly and reduce the pressure on your butt.


Ventilation and heat dissipation promote blood circulation.

Get off the bus for a short rest whenever you ride for 30 ~ 60 minutes.

Squatting tendons for Toad work can not only restore muscle fatigue, but also allow ventilation and heat dissipation and smooth blood circulation on the inner side of the and buttocks.


The distance between the seat and the handlebar is too far.

If the seat is too high and the handlebar is too low, the weight of the body will be pressed on the perineum and hands; If the distance between the seat and the handlebar is too far, people will try to sit forward so that they can reach the handlebar, but this will fall on the incorrect position of the seat, and the weight will be pressed on the perineum, causing great pressure, so it will be painful…