Night Rider: the track stock collapsed again!

News 1.

A shares are also in bad shape today.

Today, the central bank authorized the national interbank lending center to announce, The quoted interest rate (LPR) of the latest loan market is: the 1-year LPR is 3.8%, down 5 BP compared with the previous period, and the LPR over 5 years is 4.65%, which is consistent with the previous period.

The market really doesn’t buy it at all.

The decline is not because it is lower than expected, and the market doesn’t have such high expectations for interest rate reduction.

A shares are full of 3700-200 trend again.

2 [tianfengdian news] update of US policy progress & Comments on the sharp decline of electric vehicles – 1220 today, there are many plate adjustments, mainly because as Christmas approaches, the market is increasingly worried about whether and when the US electric vehicle subsidy policy can be implemented? Manchin has not raised any objection to the tax incentive of new energy vehicles.

We believe that this objection will only delay the implementation of the whole bill, but the probability is not affected Confirm the landing of subsidies.

And Biden congratulated other Democrats that they would actively negotiate.

The meeting time was January 3, 22.

Considering that the children’s tax credit policy expires on January 15, 22, we don’t think the whole negotiation time will be delayed too long, and it is likely to land in 22q1.

This year, the growth of new energy vehicles in the United States has doubled, and the government’s increase in the development of electric vehicles is the general trend.

We continue to be optimistic about the large volume of the U.S.

market, Focus on recommending high growth targets under the two-year dimension (especially 23 years).


Brief comments on LPR reduction by securities companies: Event: LPR in one-year period is reduced by 5bp; LPR in five-year period is flat.

To mitigate real estate risks, real estate development loans generally do not exceed 3 years.

After all, it does not take 5 years to build a house, right? Since the period is less than 5 years, it is useful to reduce LPR in one-year period.

Weak landing] is better than [strong stimulus] 4.

Guojun nonferrous metals: Comments on the impact of Chile’s general election on sqm 211219.

On December 19, 2001, Chile’s presidential and parliamentary elections and the final result — Gabriel boric of the left won.

The winning boric of the left emphasized ecological commitment and proposed to increase royalties.

In the medium and short term, it will not have an impact on the lithium supply of planned capacity; in the long term, It is possible to postpone the projects of untapped resources and limit the long-term global supply and release of lithium resources.

On the whole, the left’s coming to power this time has increased the operational uncertainty of local mining enterprises, but it is certain that it will have no impact in the short term.

We will continue to pay attention to specific changes in the future.

On the disk, there is no obvious bad news about today’s sharp decline in the market.

Some people say that the news of strict investigation of fake foreign capital over the weekend has suppressed the mood of short-term capital.

But look carefully, the proportion of this part of funds is very small, and the actual impact is not great.

Observing the market mainly killed the track stocks, which is very easy to understand.

After the market volatility increased at the end of the year, the funds were worried about the risk of overestimation and high premium in the track direction, and then they were released.

Of course, there is also the possibility of being killed by mistake.

We should consider it from the fundamentals and treat it differently.

At present, the trend of gem is weak, and the position needs to be controlled strategically.

After a short-term continuous slump, there is a high probability that there will be a repair market.

Here, short-term investors can appropriately try to buy low.

If it is stable, we should continue to wait for the low point of gem.

Today, demon stocks are still rampant, including Yueling shares, Jiu’An medical, Shaanxi Jinye, etc.

However, there are great differences, and risk warnings have been issued one after another over the weekend.

It is a high probability to make up the decline later, so we should be careful.

One thing is optimistic, that is, the funds will flow back to other sectors.

It is expected that the funds will prefer to attack in the direction of the least resistance.

At present, the directions of low-level medicine, low-level consumption and low-level technology are relatively resistant to decline.

It will be better if they can form a consensus.

For example, after communicating with institutions over the weekend, they found that traditional Chinese medicine is cost-effective and has long-term logic.

You can follow this idea to find some low-level directions.

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