It’s cold! Five precautions for cycling!

Replenishment} we always emphasize replenishment when riding in the hot summer.

When it’s cold, isn’t it important to replenish water? No, although the air temperature drops slightly in autumn and winter, the sunlight during the day is still fierce and its power is not reduced.

The water loss is still great when riding, and water replenishment is still the top priority when riding.

♪ cycling in winter to keep warm? Yes, just keep warm.

I’m not kidding you.

In winter, the temperature becomes very low in the morning and evening, the fog becomes heavier in the morning and evening, and the body feels cold.

At this time, it becomes very important to keep warm.

Pay attention to the warm leg cover and windproof vest, and the fleece leg cover and fleece windproof coat are necessary.

It’s OK to go out for a ride in the morning.

After warming up, the body will gradually enter the state.

The problem is not serious.

The evening is different.

After cycling, the metabolism returns to normal.

At this time, the temperature drops sharply, and keeping warm is particularly important.

Protect the joints and keep them cool in the morning and evening, while the knees and elbows are usually exposed outside.

The damage to the joints is particularly serious in the cold wind.

Therefore, when riding in winter, keeping the knees and elbows warm is one of the major things to do during riding.

Warm sleeves and brushed knee pads are your choice.

Warm up} is different from hot summer.

When you go out to ride a bike in winter, your body is still in a state of low function, and your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system operate slowly.

The correct warm-up will gradually improve your body function to adapt to the high-intensity riding state.

So you need proper hot water before riding.

Hot bath how comfortable it is to take a cool cold bath directly after riding back in summer.

But don’t take a cold bath after riding in winter, or the pain of your joints will haunt you until you get old.

A hot bath with proper temperature is the spring of life after riding in winter.

It will give you blood and magic.

Of course, in addition to the above five essentials, be prepared for cycling and abide by the rules that cycling should abide by, so that you can enjoy cycling in the cold weather.

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