@It is very important for Fengshun citizens to wear safety helmets when riding electric vehicles and motorcycles!

December 2 is the tenth national traffic safety day.

The traffic police reminded that riding electric vehicles and motorcycles on the road should not only have licenses and certificates and abide by traffic rules, but also wear one very important thing, that is, safety helmets.

Yesterday morning, the reporter visited and found that many citizens on the main roads in the urban area still did not wear safety helmets to ride electric vehicles and motorcycles.

Individuals still drive motorcycles with multiple children, which makes people worried.

Driving without a safety helmet is equivalent to letting an important part of the human body: the head run naked.

Once a traffic accident occurs, it will cause irreparable consequences.

The traffic police said that in the event of an accident, the riding helmet can absorb most of the impact force, play a protective role of cushioning and shock absorption, and prevent 85% of head injuries.

The head injury rate without helmet is 2.5 times that of helmet, and the fatal injury without helmet is 1.5 times that of helmet.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear a helmet before riding an electric vehicle or motorcycle.

Improving traffic safety awareness is the fundamental to prevent accidents.

Only by following the traffic rules can we avoid traffic accidents.

Following the rules can eliminate hidden dangers, travel safely and traffic in a civilized way, starting from you and me.

Source: Fengshun release reporter: Li Zhiwu and Huang zusheng are watching..