On the way of riding, please always remember these 20 words!


Bicycle + physical fitness + technology + sweat + carefulness + courage = riding god 2.

You can buy low-end bicycles, but you must not buy fake cars.


When buying a bicycle, you should consider your budget and use.

Don’t blindly follow the trend.


When buying a bicycle, don’t just look at the configuration and painting on the Internet.

It’s better to go to the car store for a ride.


If you search the Internet a hundred times, you might as well ask the old cyclist again.


No bike is tailor-made for you, so please adjust your bike.


There is pain during riding.

You must have done something wrong.


There is no place without rules.

Remember to obey the traffic rules when cycling.


The most beautiful riding road is always the way home.


People who litter and scribble don’t deserve to be called riders.


Please cherish the person who rides with you.


Riding is not only a person’s sport, but also a group of people’s sport.


Don’t underestimate any cyclist.

Experts are among the people.


Riding can save money and burn money.


Everyone has his own way of riding.

You can disagree, but please learn to respect.


If three people ride, there must be my teacher.


Character is far more important than driving skills.


Riding is not the whole of life, it just takes up a little more weight.


Don’t care too much about other people’s advice.

Ride your own car and let others talk.


Riders must us, ha ha! The most fun thing in Hainan is not riding or self driving, but the combination of the two will produce a magical chemical reaction.

Use cars to carry bicycles to farther and more ideal riding places, quickly break away from urban riding obstacles, and enjoy the speed and passion brought by riding! Pure riding makes people tired.

If you spend too much time on foot, you will miss a lot of scenery.

New travel methods, 30-50km exclusive classic riding routes every day, more time to play, and dig deep into the original ecological scenery of Hainan.

It’s worth taking a group of partners to release the troubles in the grid of big cities.

Super players play all the way from north to South \ explore small routes that local people don’t know Beautiful scenic spots we only select drunk lines to release the passion of life and avoid the flow of people and vehicles.

Each section of cycling is particularly wonderful.

In addition to cycling, it is essential to deeply experience the local customs and customs of Hainan.

The most fun in Hainan is not in Sanya, nor is it Haikou.

The purpose of travel is to slowly experience authentic special food from north to south? Features famous Coconut Chicken Soup, boiled prawns, Lingshui sour powder, authentic Hainan flavor, feel different coastal cuisine every day when you are about to return, but recall the happiness along the way.

The mood is indescribable ~ Haikou, the provincial capital, Day1 assembly day – Haikou assembly (free to travel, choose cars in the old street of food culture, adapt to riding) Haikou, also known as “Coconut City” , the capital of Hainan Province, the core city of Hainan free trade port, is also a famous national historical and cultural city.

On the one hand, it is a prosperous new city while retaining the local customs of Hainan.

The arrival time is relatively early.

You can go to the Centennial arcade old street in Haikou, which is rich in architectural style and history and culture with Chinese and Western characteristics.

After hundreds of years of vicissitudes, it is still the center of Haikou People’s life.

You can also go to Wu Gongci, Hai Rui tomb, Hainan Museum, etc.

to visit the sages and understand history, and go to Feng Xiaogang film commune to take a group of stills of “crossing”.

Haikou is a blessed place for food.

Famous snacks from all over Hainan gather here.

Chenji spicy soup rice in the old arcade street, Wu Ribiao garlic ribs, and “Haida Nanmen snack street” meet most people’s yearning for the snack street, with dregs and vinegar Hainan powder, clear and cool, Dad tea…

Arrange it!! Travel details: 1 According to the flight, Team members take a taxi to the hotel to check in (e.g.

arrive at noon) 2.

Go to the designated place for test run at 5-7 p.m., select the car and remember the license plate number to facilitate loading, start the next day, receive materials, lead the rider and explain the riding related knowledge; 3.

The team members who have time can learn to ride around the pile in the store, slow ride, practice stability control and train the team members’ riding control ability; 4.

Walk freely in the old arcade street of Haikou, taste special snacks and learn the history and culture of the arcade ; On Boao Day2 Haikou — the eastern suburb of Wenchang — Boao (with a total mileage of 170km and a riding distance of 30km) we reached the “eastern suburb coconut forest”, one of the famous scenic spots, not far from the Qinglan bridge.

There are many coconut trees here.

The eastern suburb town accounts for more than 50% of the coconut planting area and output of the city, with a total of more than 600000 trees.

Among the lush coconut forests, there are mangroves with the lowest altitude in the world- “Bamen Bay Mangrove”, which is a magical “Forest Park on the sea”.

We ride through the winding coconut path to feel the cool wind and the rustling forest.

Boao was originally a small fishing village, but now it is the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia.

Not far from Boao town is the “national first-class fishing port” – Tanmen fishing port, which is an important port for the concentration of fishing in the open sea.

Travel details: 1 Breakfast at the hotel at 8:00 a.m.

and gather in the lobby at 8:30 a.m, Take a 93km bus to the coconut forest in the eastern suburb of Wenchang (expected to take one and a half hours).


Arrive at the coconut forest in the eastern suburb, ride the coconut forest trail of “bamen bay” and taste fresh coconut.


It is known as the “marine Forest Park” -Bamen Bay Mangrove is also the lowest mangrove group in the world; Lunch: special coconut milk chicken soup + local special wild vegetables.


In the afternoon, we took a bus to Tanmen Town, the “Millennium fishing port” on the coastal highway of Tanmen.

People here live by fishing.

It is the largest ocean fishing port in Hainan and the largest ocean fishing port in Hainan.

Then we rode 15km to the designated hotel; At night, the authentic coconut milk is clear and cool.

At night, punch in the “story of the sea” and listen to the story of the sea..