Group car record – the first pneumatic road vehicle in his riding career seka exceed

Think carefully, this year is the first decade of my brother’s cycling career.

Before, every road car in my group was a climbing car.

There is no other reason.

It is because of his short stature that he is destined to be out of touch with major brands of air powered cars.

At the end of last year, I noticed the existence of seka.

That climbing frame immediately attracted my attention.

I liked the painting and brand logo design, but I didn’t have the impulse to start in the end.

The time has moved to April this year.

Yes, seka released the exceed gas motor car.

The first time I saw it, how did it look like an F card next door!? Don’t tell me you didn’t think about it.

Later, I did some searching and tried to poison myself again.

Finally, I was deeply poisoned to my heart.

Having a nearly horizontal upper tube, a geometry suitable for the “dwarf”, a beautiful coating and a fresh T47 are all the reasons for my poisoning.

No more nonsense.

Let’s start to set up a car record.

The first thing I received was the frame.

Seriously, this packaging is more thoughtful than many large manufacturers.

After comparing the data of previous airships for many times and combining the riding experience of the old car caad12, I decided on the XS frame and 100 / 400 handlebars.

The seat tube temporarily uses the straight tube.

Later, it was found that different cushions may need to replace the rear floating seat tube.

After the frame has been determined to be excellent, the first step is to conceive the matching of spare parts.

First of all, I think of the remaining parts of the previous car: mechanical ultegrar8000 transmission three-piece set and trphy / RD line pull oil disc.

yes, It is reported that it is a technician’s nightmare to install this combination in one (funny).

Fortunately, I finally got a group of hand variant units of mechanical ultegra oil brake by coincidence, avoiding the chance of being hammered by technicians.

▲ old love caad12 ▲ my excellent version 1.0, I chose rotoraldhu tooth disc group ▲ racing800 of excellent version 1.0.

Yes, I read it correctly, it’s version 1.0.

Because I changed something and kept updating it (funny).

Rotoraldhu30 and integrated 48 / 32t toothed disc, TRW’s 11-34t flywheel, fulcrumracing 800 with Goodyear’s eagle f125c outer tire, sellelitalia’s slrboostsuperflow and Shimano’s MT800 disc are selected for the toothed disc of version 1.0.

▲ excellent version 1.0 is completed, but it’s too late.

I’ll try it immediately after it’s assembled.

On my maiden voyage, I rode about 80km of comprehensive hilly road Segment, we call it “small cold”, which means smallround.

The first flight found that the racing 800 was really a drag.

After all, the net wheel set was 2kg.

So I began to pay attention to the new round.

▲ fulcrumspeed40cmptzn in Excel version 1.1 ▲ the excel in Excel version 1.1 and version 1.1 is equipped with fulcrumspeed40dbcmptzn.

I really want to say that the top wheel is really easy to ride! It is easy to climb up to 35km / h in flat sections, and the performance is also very average in hilly sections.

It is easier to climb the slope, and it is easy to maintain the speed when climbing.

▲ it’s also great to climb the slope with speed40.

Is it over? It must be impossible! Although the speed40 rides very well, I’m actually afraid of riding a carbon wheel…

Because I don’t avoid every pit and often ride with rabbits jumping to avoid obstacles.

Obviously, I won’t be willing to do this with top wheels, so the current new version appears.

▲ the latest excel version 1.2 has appeared.

Since it is the latest version, let’s talk about the feeling of riding by the way! ▲ the size of the frame is printed below the kettle frame.

The XS frame is very suitable for my height.

At present, the washer is temporarily 20mm, plus 8mm of the bowl cover, and the total length of the head tube is 131mm, which is just the stacking height of my previous airship.

There is no pressure when the upper body lies down.

After all, it is so high.

I’ve been straining recently.

I’m beginning to feel that I can lower the handlebar.

My goal is STS! ▲ 100 / 400 integrated handle ▲ seka logo ▲ integrated handle, attached code meter base, hung my 530 and lamp, and then came the hardness of the frame.

To be honest, my food legs didn’t feel soft, they were all hard.

Usually, when riding, the force is very direct, and the instantaneous acceleration is also very fast.

When sprinting, you basically can’t feel the deformation of the five links.

The handlebars are also very solid.

Like the frame, there is no great deformation during sprint, and there is an appropriate amount of shock absorption to maintain comfort.

▲ the huge five-way and T47 central shaft, but I regret using the integrated handle.

Little brother, I prefer the split type.

I can change the width of the handlebar and the length of the handlebar at any time, and I may change back to the split type later.

▲ I can ride this version of Excel with confidence.

I use Campagnolo’s zondadb and Maxxis’s latest tanwall skin color edge highroad25mm for the outer tire.

It’s also easy to ride to 33km / h on the flat road.

When you ride to 36km / h, a magical feeling appears.

Zonda’s foot feeling will become lighter.

It feels that the inertia of the wheel comes out and will reach 42km / h, which is very different from speed40..