How do you eat scientifically before a cycling race?

Cycling is a high-intensity sport.

When preparing for a high-intensity bicycle race or cycling, in addition to the preparation of various equipment, a good and appropriate diet also needs to be prepared.

Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn how to eat scientifically when cycling is so consumed.

01 in the process of cycling, the energy is mainly supplied by sugar and fat, supplemented by protein.

Before preparing to participate in a high-intensity cycling / competition, pay attention to the supplement of sugar to make the body’s glycogen reach the highest level.

It is best to finish eating 2.5-3h before the competition, High sugar starch food (jam, dessert, etc.); at the same time, supplement a certain amount of fat to maintain the sense of satiety.

And because fat participates in energy supply, slow down the decline of blood glucose and delay the occurrence of fatigue.

Glucose, maltose, etc.

can be supplemented 1H before the start.

Sugary drinks with a small amount of electrolyte can be supplemented a few minutes before the start.

However, avoid supplementing a large amount of sugar 15min before cycling to prevent insulin effect It should stimulate the occurrence of transient hypoglycemia.

In addition, in order to maintain a high glycogen reserve in the body, high-intensity centrifugal exercise should be avoided as far as possible.

This will reduce glycogen reserves and affect energy supply.

At the same time, fully supplement inorganic salts, and do not over supplement protein and fat, so as to avoid partial acid of body fluid, which is unfavorable to cycling.

02 when cycling, the human body mainly relies on sugar for energy in the first stage and fat for energy in the later stage.

After high-intensity cycling, it is best to supplement high sugar diet immediately to promote glycogen recovery – at least 1g / kg body weight, and adopt high sugar diet of 7-10g / kg body weight per day in the next 2-3 days, which has the best effect on glycogen recovery.

The supplement of body fluids is also very important, because there is more or less water shortage in the body after exercise, and a large amount of sweating electrolyte, especially sodium ion, is relatively consumed.

Therefore, sodium ion should be properly supplemented in beverage supply to help our body recover strength quickly.

03 calculate the daily heat consumption, scientifically arrange and eat reasonably, and the daily heat consumption of athletes = basic metabolism + oxygen intake per unit time × Exercise time × 5-basal metabolism ÷ 24 × Sports time, competition or high-intensity cycling are not every day.

We can calculate our daily normal heat consumption and find out the best food mix.

There is a complex formula to calculate the daily heat consumption of cycling.

It is not easy for ordinary riders to calculate it, Give me a reference value: basic consumption of ordinary people (no exercise) 1500-1800kj.

Most professional athletes are between 14647-16740kj.

After estimating their calorie consumption, they mix it according to the weight ratio of protein, fat and sugar of 1:1:7 to achieve high sugar and low fat.

The ideal food structure in line with Chinese eating habits is as follows: scientific diet can have better performance.

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