An urgent solution to the problem that the tire is rolled on the road and cannot be repaired

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Author: Sunshine mentality 123 source: 8264 community map shows that the tire is flat and can’t ride.

There are no tire repair tools around, so we have to stick it with electrical tape.

The effect is good.

The story goes like this.

I like to ride every morning.

One day when I rode to the East District, I suddenly had a flat tire.

I was six or seven kilometers away from home and didn’t bring any repair tools.

A kind-hearted man passed by and told me that there were repair workers nearby.

Thank the kind-hearted man.

I directly pushed the cart to find the repair shop.

The car and tools were there, but the person wasn’t there.

I called the car and turned it off At that time, it was 6:30 in the morning.

There was no car repair shop nearby.

At that time, I was really helpless.

When I was helpless, I found that there was electrical tape on the ground, which reminded me that the car broke down in the suburbs more than ten years ago.

There was only one car repair shop.

I asked master for some plastic bags, stuck them and insisted on finding the car shop.

I temporarily solved the big problem.

With this plastic bag, I solved the emergency problem, If you want to get electrical tape here, you can get enough air to ride again Because there was always gas, I didn’t manage it anymore.

I insisted on riding for more than a month.

Because of the hot weather, the adhesive tape didn’t stick and began to leak This method is OK in case of emergency.

The disadvantage is that it leaks again after more than a month.

It’s not easy to remove the adhesive tape when you want to repair the tire.

It’s inconvenient when you repair the tire again Before sticking this kind of electrical tape, scrape the inner tube surface with a small Dao and then stick it.

There were no tools and first aid methods at that time.

You should take off the tape and mend it when you come back.

You don’t want to mend it.

You’re aging.

The adhesive tape is easy to age.

This method is a first aid method.

It should be removed and repaired when it is convenient.

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