Xianggezong, the riding of Sichuan-Tibet line — Honglong Township

On June 10, 2022, the three sisters – Honglong Township at 8:10-18:00, from the three sisters to Honglong Township.

Today, going out is to climb a slope.

There are eighteen bends.

There are so many bends.

However, climbing the slope early in the morning still makes people feel uncomfortable.

It feels like “hitting the head”.

(The “eighteen bends” of “invisible”) (Ancient Tea-Horse Road) (The eighteen bends of Scissors Bend Mountain) The fun of climbing is never for one person.

If you share it with me, I will share it with everyone.

(Three Sisters – Honglong Township: graffiti (Group 1)) Before crossing the scissors bend tunnel, I also met a brother named Liang who pushed a small car on foot.

He asked, and the average distance is 20 to 30 or 40 kilometers a day.

Self-driving people admire us, we admire hiking people, but we are all on the road.

(Small car hiking) The scissors bend tunnel is more than two thousand meters long.

There are no lights.

It is outrageous.

There are few cars.

There are no car lights coming and going.

It’s dark inside.

I feel that I can ride faster than walking.

Fortunately, the top is almost reached, and the strength and power are still there.

However, there are many more slopes! But this is the shortcut to the top! (Three sisters – Honglong Township: graffiti (Group 2)) (Why do you want to go to Lhasa by bike?) Why do you want to go to Lhasa by bike? I think no one can answer you.

(Xiong Zongka) (the wind horse flag that can be seen everywhere) (Scissor Bend Mountain) It’s already one or two years since we reached the top.

We can’t stay too long.

It seems that it will rain heavily, urging us to speed up the downhill.

Sure enough, it rained a lot in the afternoon, and a long stretch of rolling road was at a high altitude.

It was tired and cold.

It was not easy to speak, and it was freezing cold.

The scenery was not to be seen.

It was full of fog.

At the end of the last ten kilometers, we called Xinlv’s car and dragged it over.

We warmed up and drank sweet tea in a Tibetan house.

(Tibetan handicrafts) (Tibetan tea sets) Go to Xinlv’s inn, continue to bake the fire for warmth, and take clothes, gloves and shoes to bake, otherwise tomorrow’s trip will be uncomfortable.

Their stove is very powerful.

Almost many collectors have it.

It can be used for heating, boiling water and cooking, baking clothes and so on.

The fuel is cow dung.

The cow dung is collected by the Tibetan family.

It is piled together like we pick branches and straw.

The cow dung is very light after drying.

They also say that the cow dung is fragrant, because these cows can not only eat grass on the grassland, but also eat caterpillar fungus, It’s really unusual.

I picked it up and smelled it.

It seems to have a little fragrance, at least no peculiar smell.

(Heating by fire) Later, I also inquired that cordyceps was very difficult to find.

They all had to kneel on the ground to pick it up, but it was very valuable.

The good ones could be more than 100000, and the bad ones could be more than 50000, 67000.

I wanted to pick some cordyceps to make a fortune, but I didn’t know whether to allow it, because the grassland there had been distributed to the local Tibetans, and later people or Han people didn’t know whether to pick it.

Today, my head began to ache seriously.

I asked the people who stayed at the inn for a pill.

They said that the granule medicine worked.

The Rhodiola that I drank before only worked in the prevention stage.

I ate the medicine and slept hastily.