Shanghai Cycling Story 2 – Night Tour in Jiangnan

I remember that it was actually normal work that day, and the business was very busy during the day.

I had been taking customers to see the house until the meal.

Then I went to dinner with Boss Yao.

It was like Lanzhou ramen next door, one for each.

Suddenly he asked me, “Where are you going by bike tomorrow after you rest?”? I said I haven’t planned yet.

I just finished my work.

I have some dreams.

Let’s talk tomorrow! As a result, he said coldly, don’t go out in the middle of the night, it’s dangerous! Because of your inspiration, I think of a good place to go.

It is Fengjing Town in Jinshan District, which I have been thinking about for a long time.

It is forty or fifty kilometers away from Qibao.

If you ride fast, you can get there in about three hours.

Now it is only five o’clock.

If you move fast, you can get there before 10 o’clock, and you can catch up with the night scene of Fengjing! Go as soon as you say, and immediately go home to pack up, pack your bags, and prepare to go.

Of course, there are not many things to prepare for such a short trip, such as tyre repair tools, compression biscuits and power emperor.

A backpack was put down.

However, it was so hard to die.

Just after arriving at the store to change clothes, an old customer said that he would come to see the house.

There’s no way.

The customers have arrived at the door and must be received.

That’s the money delivered to the door.

You can’t let anything go.

So I took the customer to see the house.

I can’t remember whether to buy or rent the house, but it didn’t seem to work, but it doesn’t matter.

It was already 8 when I saw the customer off, and I was a bit hesitant.

I felt that it was already 12 o’clock when I started from this point, and there was nothing to play.

Besides, I haven’t been there, and I’m not familiar with the road conditions.

I’m afraid of any accidents on the road.

And my car didn’t have a light at that time, only a small flashlight.

The more I think about it, the more I encourage myself to sit and watch my mobile phone.

As a result, when I opened the map, I found that the road to the other side was very straight, and there was almost no need to turn, which could save a lot of mind; Then I think there are almost street lights on the roadside, and finally I think I’d better go there.

I think I can sleep on the roadside while I’m young.

I’m not afraid of the cold in the summer, and I haven’t slept yet.

When I looked at the map, I found that Fengjing Town is very close to Xitang.

I think if I can keep up with the time and physical strength, I can also go to Xitang Waves across the province, which is really a one-day trip across the province.

It seems that it is nearly 9:00 when we really set out.

We should hurry along the Huqingping Highway to the Songjiang side, which is really killing us.

We just feel the night wind blowing on our face, a little cool but not cold.

Spring is really good.

Everything recovers, and it gives us unlimited opportunities to pursue and pursue.

Anything we want, as long as we work hard, we will have a chance to get it.

The night in spring is also very good.

The breeze brings us fresh breath and infinite power.

After finding the message sent at that time, it should be taken in front of a viaduct in Songjiang.

It may be that if you don’t talk about it, and there is no declaration, it will become meaningless.

So I took a photo immediately and wrote down my mood at that time.

It’s really inspiring.

Ran Goose, Ran Goose, the good times are not long.

At that time, navigation was not as intelligent as it is now.

I can tell you everything.

When I walked to the Songqi Highway (I don’t know where it is), I found that the bridge above was broken.

It was broken…

It was a thunderbolt from the blue, and there was no way for me.

What should I do? Is it going back? Or take a detour? It’s too far to go back, and I can’t talk about it; Take a detour and don’t know the way.

It’s still a big night for people who don’t know where to go_ ・? In a hurry, I wandered around and found a place to act wild.

As a result, I looked up and saw the way out: there was half a vague construction notice on it, pointing out that we could walk around another bridge on the south side of the river and then regret walking down the path.

There was no street light in this place, although we could barely see it, but we were afraid of some things.

And at that moment, it seemed that there was something behind it that could not be seen.

It scared me to speed up, but it quickly caught up with me.

It was a battery car without lights.

I also said, young man, it is not safe to ride here at night without lights, so I went away.

I just want to say, why don’t you turn on the light yourself? Fortunately, they soon got on the bridge and quickly returned to the original route.

It seems that there are more and more factories in a certain town.

And they just got off work, and a group of people wearing work clothes on the way.

I felt much warmer and less scared in an instant.

I also sang happily and walked leisurely.

Of course, if you just walk this way to Fengjing to see the night scenery and sleep, it’s not the craziest night riding.

When you are about to leave the town, you feel that the rear wheel is a little flat, but you pinch it and feel that you can still walk more than ten kilometers behind, so you can’t find a place to repair the tire.

It didn’t take long to have a flat tire.

My God, it was enough to have a flat tire at night, but there was no way to do it.

Those who didn’t reach the village before and didn’t reach the store after had to repair it by themselves.

Although I have also seen the tutorial, it is the first time to make up, and I’m still worried.

The fact is that I underestimate my hands-on ability too much.

I can get it done after three strikes and five divides into two.

I’m so happy.

I’ll go on the road when I’m full of gas.

Sadly, in fact, I am too confident in myself.

Blindly confident has brought disastrous consequences.

After a short ride, the inner tube of the rear wheel was completely scrapped and can’t be repaired.

It’s really fatal that I was in the background of scrapping in such a place, and I was in a hurry, and the two spare inner tubes I bought online were still in the express delivery, which was really desperate at that time.