Welcome to the cycling activity of Changde Giant Life Museum (March 19th)! (Yaowang Stream)

Falling in love with cycling, falling in love with Giante, I am with my teammates.

You come from there, I come from here to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to stay away from the disputes of the world, to taste the beautiful scenery from different perspectives, to measure the road of youth with the footprints of the wheels…

No alcohol driving during cycling activities!!! No alcohol driving during cycling activities!!! No alcohol driving during cycling activities!!! Drinking alcohol or riding after drinking is strictly prohibited during cycling activities; Those who take drugs or food that can easily cause drowsiness should not participate in cycling; Do not ride if you have serious heart and brain disease; Before riding, be sure to check the condition of your bicycle and not ride with “illness”; Please travel in a civilized manner while riding, do not compete and do not violate traffic regulations; For beginners and leisure enthusiasts, please keep pace with the team (riding behind the team) and meet the most beautiful scenery in the most beautiful time.

This Sunday, we will ride Yaowang River, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River! March 19th (Sunday), riding Yaowang Creek Time: 8:50 Living Hall gathering; Route: Living Hall~Siqiao~General~Yaowang Creek~Xujia Bridge (lunch) (58km round-trip) Highlights: Explore Yaowang Creek by bike and enjoy authentic farmhouse delights.

Departure: Depart on time at 9:00, and do not wait for late arrivals; Leader: Bao Ge 13975687748.

(Some are new routes, for the first ride, with multiple curves, narrow slopes, and steep slopes.

Pay attention to maintaining the formation.) Warm reminder: * Duty free call, voluntary participation* For your own safety, please purchase outdoor accidental injury insurance by yourself* You must wear a helmet to participate in the event, and those who do not wear a helmet are not allowed to participate* Cycling activities have certain risks, and alcohol is not allowed during the activity!!! No alcohol driving! No alcohol driving! No alcohol driving!.