The second bullet of cycling bankruptcy — may these unforgettable experiences become the warm sunshine of dim life [internal and external

Write at the beginning: The second bullet of the bicycle stickers, which has been settled for a long time, finally arrived late and could have been sent out earlier.

Because of the delay, it took some time.

Recently, when I watched my friends fall ill, I miss the days when I could ride freely, and I often look at the past circle of friends.

Now I share these unforgettable experiences again, hoping to send some warmth to the gloomy days.

Text, opening remarks: This year, my year-end summary changed from “about travel” to “about cycling”.

The outrageous epidemic policy in 2022 made me hardly travel far away.

Fortunately, I bought a bicycle at the beginning of the year, which unlocked the new mode of travel.

I also changed from an 18-line travel blogger to a 28-line cycling blogger, taking Hangzhou as the center, rolling forward through the wheel, and constantly exploring the surrounding areas.

As the saying goes, as long as my mind goes down, I will spend more than I earn.

After the release of the first bullet of the cycling sticker in March, my cycling bankruptcy has become more and more important.

At the end of the year, the money has been spent more and more.

Fortunately, the RMB will not deceive people.

In addition to the gradual advancement of theoretical knowledge, I have also changed from a keyboard rider to a practical rider.

If you have read the first post, you should know that my car is called “Xiaozi”.

When I bought the car, I set a small goal with ambition: to ride 1000 km first.

By September, when I bought the car, I have ridden 2000+km in total, and 150 km in the farthest single way.

I have climbed 17000+m in total between mountains and mountains, and I have climbed two Everest before I knew it…

Next, I will tell you about my work in stages with my understanding of buying the car for half a year, Let’s see what I have gained———————————————————— The original intention of writing riding posters is to improve my systematic thinking ability, so I began to try to make a deep and systematic analysis of “riding”.

Now I find that I am not good at learning, and I don’t understand many details thoroughly enough, and I dare not make too many mistakes.

And I’m still better at writing lyrical prose, so I want to write more about my experience and feelings on cycling in this article, aiming at promoting cycling culture.

As for the professional work, let’s leave it to professional people.

Here, I also want to @ a few big cyclists I know.

I hope you can give me some advice when you have time, or you can directly “harass”.

After riding for a period of time, the strongest feeling is to gradually find your own position and know what kind of car is more suitable for you.

In short, you know better whether you are suitable for a level road race or climbing.

Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of harmony between man and nature, you will start to constantly improve your car or even change your car.

The most important thing for the sprinters on the flat road is the aerodynamic performance.

In other words, they should reduce their wind resistance as much as possible, so that they can ride fast enough.

At this time, the pneumatic model is most suitable for you.

As for climbers, the focus of attention is naturally on lightweight.

After all, all gravity will be converted into the work you want under the influence of angle.

So the lighter the car body, the smaller the weight, the more beneficial it is to climb.

In addition, when selecting a car, you should also pay attention to two indicators.

One is the span height.

The size selection mainly depends on the span height.

The other is the reach.

An inappropriate reach will cause your body to lean forward excessively and cause back pain.

After selecting the car model for pneumatic or climbing, you will pay more attention to the details of the car.

In fact, every part of the car, even one screw, can be customized.

Here, we will continue to use the following figure: I will not introduce the details one by one here.

My change after half a year of riding is: I changed two outer tires for myself.

The reason for changing the outer tire is that I went to ride the car after a rain and was not light because it was wet, The new outer tire increases the skid resistance and the friction with the ground at the same time, which makes it more labor-saving to go uphill.

Secondly, I replaced myself with a new handle to make the car look more beautiful.

Secondly, I have also determined my demand for new cars, and I am ready to study changing cars recently.

In addition, the only way to advance is to lock up.

It means putting on more professional riding shoes, which can block pedals such as lock tabs, and the lock tabs on the shoes can block pedals.

As for the lock tabs, the mainstream is yellow, followed by blue and another color (forget).

The lock tabs of different colors will affect the floating space after the lock tabs are locked into the lock pedals.

Some floating spaces will make the people who initially lock more secure, because the yellow lock tabs are more popular.

[Overview of Cycling Expenses] Let me share a specific cost of my cycling for more than half a year [some scattered TIPS].

Those high-level words that can only be understood by riding in the cycling circle: spicy fort: the homophonic stem of the explosion: leisure riding: 40km/h cruise, leisure riding defines mountains, plains, mountains and temples.

When you see these words, you will know that you are going to climb again…

This part is left to the majority of riders to play, Welcome to the comment area to continue to add…

a favorite documentary about cycling: the way to Xinjiang; In the past, the most enthusiastic sports event was the World Cup.

After cycling, there was another round of France — — — — I want to talk more about the feelings on the road.

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