[Children’s riding] Small trial ox knife in winter

Hello, young knights! Our store is scheduled to hold children and teenagers riding activities on January 13 (Friday).

Cycling location: irrigation park assembly location: Giante store assembly time: 1:00 p.m.

assembly 1:30 departure one way: 11km strength: ★ Prepare helmet, gloves, glasses, cycling clothes and other protective equipment in advance to avoid affecting the trip!! Summary: This cycling activity is half a day.

Please adjust the time.

Parents are welcome to ride with them (parents also need to wear helmets and gloves).

The organizer is composed of a team leader, a team guard, a team leader, a photographer and other people to ensure the safety of a car.

Address: Zaojun Temple Cross Road 800 meters south to the west (WeChat) 18236102338 Disclaimer: Outdoor sports are dangerous and unpredictable.

Participants are fully responsible for their actions and consequences.

All participants are considered to have full civil capacity.

In case of personal injury in the event, the initiator and other participants shall not be liable for compensation and legal liability, and the injured person shall solve the problem according to the law and this statement.

The above is a mandatory requirement.

Please read the above statement in detail.

This declaration takes effect from the date of registration.

All participants must voluntarily participate in this activity and take full responsibility for their personal behavior during the activity! 。