The first ride in spring – Prayer ride in Daxingguo Temple, Huaxi, Guiyang (the beginning of spring on Saturday, February 4, 2023)

The new year is full, the weather of the new year is gone, and the spring is coming.

Everything is recovering and stepping on the thunder in nine days, Spring starts in Harley, Davidson, Guiyang.

The first ride in Harley, Guiyang.

The riding difficulty of Daxingguo Temple: two stars ★ ★ Journey: one day’s round-trip mileage: 80km.

February 4, 2023.

Saturday, the beginning of spring.


Huishui Jiulong Temple.

Pray for blessings.



Pray for blessings.

New choice.

Daxingguo Temple.

The environment is quiet and the scenery is magnificent.

Schedule: February 4 (Saturday) 10:40 Harley-Guiyang store assemble safety meeting at 11:00 to ride to Daxingguo Temple at 12:00 to Huaxi to have lunch at 13:30 to Daxingguo Temple to pray for blessings at 15:00 to ride back to Harley-Guiyang store, where the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Great Hall of Heavenly Kings are to be repaired.

The magnificent scenery equipment is to be prepared.

The No.1 safety is to be the first to feel ready with a heart of awe.

It is recommended to take a coat to prepare for the Yunnan Baiyao aerosol and other outdoor vehicles are inevitably bruised and scratched.

Be prepared to pay for meals.

AA Other expenses are self-care precautions.


Complete your own riding plan independently, and others will not ride on your behalf; 2.

If it is impossible to ride back under special circumstances, it is necessary to contact the logistics company to send the logistics, and the security car needs to reserve space for riding support; 3.

Abide by the schedule, be punctual, and ride safely; 4.

This ride is included in the total number of kilometers and times, and can be exchanged for badges of honor; 5.

Wear helmet, driving license, driving license and insurance; 6.

Please fill up the oil the day before assembly; 7.

The Harley store provides free vehicle testing for owners.

Please come to the store to test the vehicle in advance to ensure the safety of riding.

Registration method Scan QR code for registration or registration in group.

Deadline for registration: February 3, 2023 (Friday) 16:00 p.m.

Harley Davidson Guizhou Harley Guiyang Store, Honghua Xintiandi, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Harley Guiyang 0851-82235099 Harley Zunyi Store, Aiqinhai Hall B, Xinpu New District, Zunyi City, Harley Zunyi Store 15599231200 Read 101 to share the collection.