Cycling 097 line operation | the first riding leon in the new year

Since late December of last year, affected by the epidemic, they have rarely gone out.

And after they were lucky enough to get COVID-19 once, considering the recovery period of COVID-19, they have fewer times to go out.

The days that have been kept at home are not very energetic.

Fortunately, in the registration process of the rotten poet, Brother Yide released a riding line in due time.

In order to restore some exercise for himself, and also to seek a good moral of raising (yang) eyebrows (no) puffing (rabbit) breath in the new year, riding line, arrangement.

There are already many people on the streets of Hangzhou, which have just been unsealed.

After arriving, some people even worry about whether this situation is not easy to ride.

After all, it is the first time to ride a bicycle in the city street.

Compared with the most routes in the scenic spots in the past few times, there are always some worries.

Fortunately, the familiar little R, Sister Angel and Brother Prophet all came soon.

After seeing them for a long time, my worries were half gone.

I have to say that the weather in Hangzhou is really good recently.

When I started to paint rabbit ears, the sun in the afternoon made everyone warm, and then there was the problem of skin melanin deposition.

Under the leadership of Brother Yide, we also completed the part in the urban area neatly.

To be honest, Brother Yide is an excellent leader who can ride 20 kilometers in an hour.

But the first line of the new year is to give us a good start, focusing on leisure, keeping the pace very easy, and the whole experience is very good.

Thank you very much for his precise pace ability.

Later, the scenic spots will become more familiar, especially with more shade, so we don’t have to worry about sunburn.

We built a group on a small bridge beside the scenic spot.

The young friends who came to the first line of the Bad Poet’s New Year are more or less carrying some genes that love sports.

They all express their love for cycling activities and their yearning for the outdoor free environment after the closure of their homes.

After the group was built, it will be the last part of the trip.

The slope of Yanggong Causeway always gives people a very new experience at the end of the route, Every big and small slope is like every big and small difficulty in life.

The uphill process is always a little difficult, but when you overcome the peak of the difficulty, you will find that the next road is very easy.

Finally, I was lucky to finish the first riding rabbit in the New Year, and spent a very good two hours with you.

Although the time was not very long, as the first line of the New Year, it felt really good to return to nature, and I also had some small ideas about this line.

It is a pity that the rabbit has no tail, but from another perspective, the new route can be expected.

At the end of the day, use the fallen rabbit photographed by Brother Prophet to finish this small assignment.

I hope that 2022 will be attributed to the soil.

2023 is a new beginning.

The epidemic can be over as soon as possible.

Bad poets will continue to make appointments in the new year.

(It’s said that Brother Yide will be the leader of the line for 23 years, so everyone should sign up enthusiastically.) Pictures and texts | Leon Leader | Team Yide Escort | Photographed by Prophet, Angel and Little R Team | Young friends and editors of Line 097 | Xiaoyaozi should not be your world but your shoulder.

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