Sunday, 3.26 [From riding Xiaobai to advancing to the Great God of Pump Road] | Young people don’t admit defeat • Become a hero riding

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Spring is the most suitable season for cycling.

It’s not as hot as summer, it’s not as cold as winter.

You can enjoy the scenery all the way.

It’s beautiful to park and smell the fragrance of flowers, harvest the warmth of spring.

“The face is not cold, the willow wind is blowing.” The flowers are blooming all the way, and the spring breeze is bathing all the way.

Perhaps there is no more gentle season than spring.

Before the tide of people arrives, take advantage of the spring light to ride, young man! “The significance of riding lies in the rapidly rotating wheels, the beautiful flowers and the long river of sunset along the way; in the company of friends, poetry and wine, and indulging in song along the way; in the ups and downs, bumps, and bumps along the way; in the wind and rain, using water as wine, and wanton sprinkling along the way…” “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of bikeride” – JFK “There is no simpler joy than riding.” John F.

Kennedy (35th President of the United States) cycling is one of the three largest aerobic sports in the world, and cycling is an activity that has a strong impact on children’s growth.

When the warm spring sun shines on the tall starting platform of the cycling park, setting off the backs of young people, pushing their cars to rush down from the high platform to pursue the wind.

The young people are ready to set off.

At this moment, what a beautiful picture we believe may be the significance of organizing our cycling “We believe that riding has a different meaning in the hearts of every child who loves riding.

It is a simple joy to use the alternating movements of both legs and gears to drive the chain through simple mechanical movements to expand the width of life, or to explore the unknown, or to realize a sense of life, or to make a breakthrough in oneself, or to hone one’s growth.”, Or maybe it’s a unique memory from my childhood…

I don’t necessarily love the scenery on the road when I like cycling.

Sometimes riding a bike can be a release and release of pressure.

Children ride not only bicycles, but also freedom, dream, freedom, release, passion…

After intense learning, I am looking forward to joining the Wind Chasing Youth Cycling Group! In early spring, a group of wind-seeking teenagers gather at the park riverside to ride the 10-25km green path along the cycling loop.

High, medium, and low level skill groups can choose their own riding distance.

Each teenager has successfully reached the finish line, and you have gained perseverance.

Brave and hard work.

This week, young cyclists, let’s start again without fear of a long distance, Walking towards the end together, the harvest of independent riding camp ★ Young people’s riding sees the vast and wonderful world.

Riding is a feeling of freedom.

For the first time, young people can use two wheels and partners to start together, feel the taste of freedom in the breeze in the forest, and gain a sense of control from the freely controlled physical strength.

Children, let’s explore a larger and more exciting world through close contact with nature It is difficult for children nowadays to have adequate outdoor activities every day.

Riding is a great recipe for helping children grow happily.

It has unparalleled benefits for their natural growth and development.

It is full of unknown and tranquility on the riding road.

It deeply understands life and life in the natural tranquility and embrace.

Riding, as a very common outdoor aerobic exercise method, helps improve heart and lung abilities, exercise lower limb muscle strength, and enhance overall endurance.

It can promote children’s exercise The development of balance ability can also improve children’s athletic talent and exercise willpower, Cultivating good character Riding is a sport of strength and endurance that helps cultivate the willpower of teenagers.

Regular riding and trampling are also beneficial for the cultivation of concentration.

When we move forward with a team, it requires teamwork.

When a partner is injured, bicycle failures require mutual assistance from the partner when the direction deviates.

It requires everyone to communicate together.

Discuss how children learn during this process.

Growth is what it means to be a person who can ride very well Fast and a group of people can ride farther to improve their social skills.

Harvesting friendship and happiness.

Independent cycling camps are a good social platform for making new friends.

They unconsciously cultivate interpersonal skills and friendship between children.

There is no way for parents to replace activities in which they can correctly recognize gaps, improve their ability to cooperate and help each other, learn to be grateful and tolerant.

Students are persistent, never say goodbye, dare to take responsibility, and have excellent qualities of helping each other It has left a lifetime of unforgettable memories for children and encouraged them to bravely face various difficulties in life.

The first equipment for cycling with a high proportion of teachers is a bicycle.

In addition, there are some equipment to ensure our safety, such as riding helmets, riding gloves, and knee pads.

We will lead the children to learn about these safety equipment and prepare for our pleasant journey.

“We choose a professional bicycle brand, with professional bicycle experience, advanced production technology, modern design concepts, and meticulously create every component to create a comfortable and reassuring bicycle.”.

Bicycles of corresponding sizes will also be equipped according to the height of children in different age groups.

This cycling camp will equip every child with professional riding helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads to ensure the safety of the campers.

The proportion of professional riding coaches is 1:5, and the proportion of high teachers is to escort the children’s riding.