Seven days of cycling in Laos, with delicious food (the eighth day of cycling in the New Year of the Rabbit)

Wen/Murakami 2023.2.11.


Banghuishai, Bojiao Province, Laos (Golden Triangle, Laos, Thailand), sunny, 11~31 °.

On the tenth day of this trip, make a summary.

From February 4, I started to ride Jinghong to Mohan Port, and arrived on the 6th, with a distance of 230 kilometers.

On the 7th, ride the Mohan Port to Langnanta Province for 59 kilometers.

Take a day off at Langnan Tower on the 8th.

From September to 10, ride Langnan Tower to Banhuisun (more than 20 kilometers away from Huisun City), 58+90=148 kilometers.

The total riding distance in seven days is about 450 kilometers.

Main expenses: 1.

The air ticket from Xi’an to Xishuangbanna is 930 yuan.


Laos visa fee is 220 yuan.


Buy a new mobile phone in Nanta for 1500 yuan (install tools such as outbound translation software and navigation software, take photos, record videos, etc., and the memory of the original mobile phone is not enough.

The back cover is broken and can be used, but it is not safe and reliable enough, and needs to be replaced).


The cost of food, accommodation and transportation for ten days is about 10×150=1500 yuan.

The total cost of the four items is about 4200 yuan.

The flowers and trees beside the AH3 highway do not know what it is called in the Spring Festival of the Rabbit.

The eight delicacies will sun a burning incense in front of the Buddha and pray for good luck.

Follow the fate of meritorious rice, the country and the people are healthy.

The drum of the monastery was in Shai City, the capital of Bojiao Province, Laos, on February 11, D11, sunny, 11-31 °.

Today, I cycled 42 kilometers.

I stayed at the Sichuan Hotel in the morning, had lunch, slept, and slept until six o’clock in the afternoon.

The sun was setting in Shandong Province, and the sun was shining around the city.

After a circle around the Mekong River, several white people sat on the desks and benches beside the Mekong River to read, and some were leisurely walking on the bank.

There is a street near the tourist wharf, close to the Mekong River, and there are several bars.

There are many muskets hanging on the wall of a bar for nearly a hundred years.

All the white people in the West go to the bar.

Looking around, as a Chinese, I seem to be a minority.

Tomorrow, I want to continue to go up the Mekong River for 60 kilometers to the narrow Golden Triangle.

Today, we will pay 50000 yuan to the temple, 150000 yuan for accommodation and 200000 yuan for three meals.

The total cost is 400000 kip, about 160 yuan.

On the security issue, you can peek into my inner wildness.

Interact with friends in WeChat group, and experience human nature.

One kind of rice feeds a hundred kinds of people.

They look at the world coldly and accept that every inch has its advantages.

Breakfast vermicelli, 35000 kips, or 14 yuan.

Firecracker flowers in Lao people’s yard.

It looks like a pagoda before entering Huisun City.

Stay on the first floor of Sichuan Hotel tonight.

I checked in at the hotel after 11am, and the accommodation fee is 150000 Lao Kip, about RMB 60 yuan.

From 2 to 3 in the morning, the lovers in the upstairs room may have drunk too much, and the noise insulation of the hotel is not good for an hour or two.

It’s just a matter.

I slept well in the afternoon, woke up in the morning and didn’t feel sleepy, so I finished my travel notes homework.

Each is busy and does not disturb each other.

The opposite bank of the Mekong River is Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Laos Huishai and Thailand Chiang Rai face each other across the Mekong River.

There are old-fashioned muskets hanging on the wall of the bar in Yangren Street.

Such guns are absolutely impossible to appear in the sight of people in China.

There are many muskets hanging on the wall of a bar for nearly a hundred years.

All the white people in the West go to the bar.

Looking around, I am a Chinese, just like a minority.

I will visit a bookstore and meet a friend in Vancouver.

I can speak Chinese fluently and have a good conversation.

Ride 42 kilometers on February 11.

On February 11, the dinner was packed in Huiyang Yangren Street, including roast fish, roast meat, bread, toast, pickled vegetables, and soy milk..