Riding wind-breaking skills are practical!

Air is an invisible, colorless, but real thing.

When you ride, air resistance is unavoidable.

So many people start to explore ways to reduce air resistance.

Some people design a smoother body.

Some people develop a more scientific riding posture.

Some people start to sell wind-breaking riding clothes.

For ordinary riders, they don’t need to pursue the ultimate speed, and they can also not understand the principle.

Therefore, in order to reduce air resistance, I will teach you two practical techniques of grounding.

Tip 1: Lower your body and ride.

The faster you ride, the more obvious you will feel when facing the wind.

While feeling cool, we are also consuming additional physical strength to offset the resistance generated when breaking through the air.

The simplest and most effective way is to ride low.

This can reduce the contact area between the body and the air, thus achieving the effect of reducing resistance.

If you lower your body to the limit position, you can reduce the air resistance by 60%.

However, low riding posture will reduce the sensitivity of the body and make it difficult to deal with emergencies.

Therefore, in a crowded place, it is better not to lower your body excessively, and the speed should not be too fast.

Of course, if you are on an open road, you can try it boldly.

Tip 2: When riding behind, we will call two or three riders to ride together.

At this time, the best formation is to ride side by side.

The way to reduce air resistance is to ride behind your teammates.

Because the man at the front of the team has helped the people behind block most of the air resistance.

If the distance between the front and rear people is about 2 meters when riding, the people behind can reduce the air resistance by two-thirds.

However, when riding in a team, you should go to the front to show the way from time to time.

After all, the meaning of team building is that we ride together and help each other.

If you just take, you will be selfish.

Tip 3: If you lose too much weight or your BMI exceeds the standard range during the Spring Festival, it is recommended that you can find a normal way to lose weight.

The average weight loss of 0.5kg per week is more appropriate.

On the one hand, you can reduce the overall weight, and on the other hand, you can reduce the windward area, which can also play a role in reducing wind resistance.

Tip 4: Generally, there are velcro or shoelace on the surface of car shoes.

In order to reduce wind resistance, it is more economical to wear shoe covers directly.

On the other hand, many shoes on the market at present pay attention to low wind resistance design.

Through surface treatment or full-piece smooth design, the whole pair of car shoes are more streamlined.

It is more economical to wear the shoe cover directly.

The shoelace and Velcro are not exposed.

The above is the wind-breaking skill of the small editor, which is also my personal point of view.

If you have different views, please leave a message to discuss..