Riding in Huatian Town – Hongshan Village (55)

Dec.182022 Huadu Decent Hongshan Village came to Timian Town by riding the third stop of Huadu.

The Gesang flowers in Hongshan Village are blooming brilliantly, but the area is far less than the rape flower field.

I picked up a novice on the road to travel together.

The weather is very good, so I’ll take more photos.

Although I’ve been here too many times, it’s not very attractive.

HD link: Riding Huatian Town – Hongshan Village (55) https://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3645 Take a selfie at the farmhouse gate during the interval of serving, and order a chicken for lunch.

Two people go together and become three people.

The young man is from Jiangxi.

He is working with people.

This time, the novice is on the road.

Come here to practice.

The theme of this season’s flower sea is that Gesang flowers are very sunny today, and the temperature is 5-13 degrees.

This winter cycling suit is the first show.

The exotic wood cotton is really durable and has always been dressed up in the autumn and winter of Guangzhou.

Although there are few tourists, the small train is still running.

There are only a small part of Gesang flowers, most of which are ready to be planted with rape flowers, and you can see them in spring.

This Yamaha is also very fast, and the scooter is also very expensive.

The big scenic spot is just good.

There are many tourists.

You can take a photo with a MM.

The author of this article came to Hongshan Village for the fourth time: Seven.

Sem, Shapu Village, Huangpu.

The author introduced more information and welcomed WeChat to follow Zhiying.

HD link: riding Huatian Town – Hongshan Village (55) https://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3645 。.