Ride Xi’an – Wanda ONE, Provincial Gymnasium

If you want to make money, the best way is to study how to make money, but not just how to do things.

The logic of making money and the logic of doing things overlap, but there are also many different aspects.

“Do things well, and the money will come from” is a state of thinking.

The reality is that you do things very well, and you don’t really have to make money.

Since last year, there have been more and more sleepless nights.

After waking up in the middle of the night, I usually like to read some specific official account articles, or go to the favorite groups to check the valuable chat content.

Seeing this passage in the group tonight, I am a little excited, not because it is so fresh and exciting.

Instead, it tells me the same truth that I have learned over the past year.

It is obvious that people have a higher level and can speak a truth very concisely.

The person who can say this must have done it in the battlefield and survived.

Today, I am still implementing my cycling plan.

I arranged it as follows: I don’t ride scenic spots or look at landmark buildings, but only go to some commercial centers or representative commercial blocks in the city.

Because my purpose is also very clear, I just want to look at the current commercial landscape in our city again.

Because I went out late in the afternoon, I chose to take the subway to the destination and then ride.

It is not the subway in the morning and evening rush hour, so it is not very crowded.

There are seats available on some routes.

A very intuitive feeling: nine out of ten people who take the subway are looking down at their mobile phones.

Those who don’t look at their mobile phones are either old men or old women.

This is just a microcosm.

In the subway, what about other times and other occasions? Now people pay so much attention to the mobile screen.

If we do anything or business, and don’t consider doing some articles on the mobile internet, we really deserve it! I got off at the provincial stadium station.

Why did I choose to ride here? Because I am a sports enthusiast, and I have passed this place many times before, but I haven’t had the opportunity to stop and look in, so I want to come and have a look today.

This is a new stadium specially built to meet the 14th National Games.

It looks like the design of most stadiums.

Although the official introduction said that it used design elements such as the silk ribbon of the Tang Dynasty, in fact, no matter what concept you have, as long as it is easy to use.

The 14th National Games has been over for a long time, and the museum also opened to the public in July last year.

When you get out of the subway station, you can first see a large and empty square.

Yes, it is really empty, except for two basketball racks and several rows of dusty bleachers seats.

There is only one child and grandparents playing basketball there.

After a while, two young boys came to play basketball there.

Just after playing, a patrol car came along honking its horn.

It is said that the basketball shelf has potential safety hazards before the construction is completed.

Let them not play here.

They had to leave reluctantly, saying that they could go to the venue to play, but there was only a charge.

The official said that this is not to provide a fitness and leisure place for citizens? Why is the whole square empty, even without any fitness equipment? Continue to the front of the museum and see a shop selling outdoor shoes and professional sports equipment.

There is only one person looking at the store and no customers.

Other front rooms are either empty or the door is locked, and the whole business corridor is cold and quiet.

Go in through an open front door.

There is a security guard at the door.

After inquiry, it was learned that there was a basketball stadium and a badminton stadium in the hotel which were open.

I walked in and turned around.

There were no adults playing in it.

Only a few students had classes there.

The whole feeling is also empty and desolate.

I came out when I felt bored.

This is usually the case with the business form related to the sports center.

When there is a large-scale event, it is bustling, and the relevant business will also prosper.

Once the event is over, it will immediately become cold and desolate.

What’s more, there are no sports events in the past two years! I have always wanted to test the sports industry, but I have always seen the current situation of the development of the sports industry.

It is always difficult to bring up confidence, like a pair of cold autumn pants.

I dare not lift it up.

He came out, swept a shared bike, and planned to continue to ride north along the main road.

Within two kilometers, there is a Wanda Plaza.

Today, time is tight, and I can only ride this stop.

We know that Wanda’s business model is basically a business complex plus an office building model.

Some also develop Wanda’s residential projects in the surrounding areas.

Wanda Plaza’s profit model is mainly to collect rent by providing property and commercial services.

This project was opened in 2017.

It is the first work of Wanda ONE series in China.

It is also the key strategic project of Wanda Group and the key project of Xi’an in 2016.

The location is also very good.

In the CBD of the High-tech Zone, a commercial landmark is usually formed where Wanda drives.

A residential building has been developed nearby.

It seems that it is a 44-storey panel building.

The price is not cheap.

The online display shows that the pre-sale price is 45000, and the house is expected to be delivered at the end of this year.

I didn’t go into the mall this time because I think the content should be similar to other Wanda.

You can also see some by looking at some billboards outside, so you cycle around the mall.

The business forms of bottom merchants are quite rich.

There are all kinds of stores, and there are few duplicate business categories.

It can be seen that the investment attraction is still very careful.

The beauty is that the square area is too narrow to hold large-scale outdoor activities.