Mo’an Cycling College offers safe driving and Kinkana training, and invites you to ride happily!

I can’t help feeling a little nervous at the thought that you are paying attention to Moan.

com – riding and driving control Moan.

com and the Moan riding and driving control system tutorial.

Whether you are interested in street safety riding or Kinkana technology riding, here can meet your needs! Beijing Moan – Haidian Taizhouwu Safety Driving Training Student Effect Moan Quick Questions Quick Answers Play Motorcycle Super Hard Core! | | adheres to the concept of “safe riding, technical riding, and awe riding”, and provides professional motorcycle driving training courses for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The team has rich experience in motorcycle safety driving training, Kinkana training and police driving training, and has organized more than 100 kinds of motorcycle training.

Kinkana events have been held for more than 4 years, and each game is a good memory of domestic golden friends.

All coaches of Mo’an Network adhere to the principle of “riding the world with infinite fun”, take happiness and safety as the guide, actively guide the domestic riding culture, and pay their own efforts for this.

Note: The level of fees varies from place to place, and the price and discount of training vary.

For details, please refer to the “Mo’an Web App” or consult the “Mo’an Assistant”.

The trainees who register for training will be given a free fine washing vehicle by the locomotive cabin at the venue | study in Moan | – the closed venue for professional pavement and protective measures in Haidian District and Shunyi District of Beijing, the largest training institution for two exclusive closed venues in Beijing- In Fengtai District and Tongzhou District of Beijing, professional cooperative coaches have unified training and unified teaching materials, and more places in Beijing have brought high-quality services to friends- Hebei Xingtai, Shandong Dongying, Inner Mongolia Hohhot, Tianjin! Cooperate with coaches across the country, unify the system, pay fees on the platform, control teaching, and ensure the quality of teaching and service.

You can experience the riding training of positive energy without having to travel long distances- Afraid of falling your car? Don’t dare to come without learning to ride a bike? It is a good choice for you to have rental cars on the site! Beijing Haidian Zhanqian Street, Beijing Tongzhou Ningxia Yinchuan Dongying Fanghua Auto Cinema Shangdong – Dongying Dakou ยท Live Tianjin Yueqi Motorcycle Park Inner Mongolia – Chifeng | Le in Moan | Move around the world, with unlimited fun! Only when there is safety can there be fun, and technology is also a kind of fun.

Moan brings you more than riding safety and technology! There are barbecues, practice sessions, games at various venues in Moan on a regular basis.

In addition to the Kinkana events held across the country, there are also various activities to meet the various needs of students.

Not only do we learn to ride, but also let our motorcycle friends communicate more and have more interests! Still don’t know why Female students will have a higher proportion than expected! Obviously, more novice female riders want to ride well, while male riders are still conceited about riding | Course introduction | – flexible appointment classes, no matter on weekends or weekdays, there are resident coaches to make appointments for classes- Small class teaching, quantifying standard courses and standardizing teaching contents- Private teaching, customized one-on-one training, and fully customized learning of cycling, refitting, equipment, and events have exceeded your expectations! Object orientation of safety driving training and recommended objects of course introduction: new motorcyclists who have just purchased motorcycles, new motorcyclists who have obtained three-wheel D license but need to drive two wheels, motorcyclists who need technical training to change gear of scooters, old motorcyclists who have not ridden for a long time and need to be re-turned, motorcyclists who are not proficient in street driving and need to improve road driving ability.

Main content of the course (12 class hours, with quantitative assessment subjects for theory and practice): – explanation of motorcycle theoretical knowledge- Street precautions and posture- One-way training and practical operation; Jinkana training object oriented and course introduction course recommended object: Jinkana is the most popular, people-friendly and practical motorcycle sports popular all over the network.

If you have learned the safe driving course, or have a certain riding foundation, have higher requirements for the ability to control the car, and want to experience more driving fun, then the Jinkana training of Mo’an Cycling College will be a shortcut and runway for you to improve quickly! With safety and fun, riding can last longer.

The main contents of the course (divided into primary and intermediate levels, with different course contents at each level): – Kinkana’s theoretical knowledge and advanced training of multiple subjects- Jincana throttle, brake, center of gravity, tilting, steering, sight and other control exercises; The object of private education training and the recommended object of course introduction: targeted at students with one-to-one teaching and customized teaching services.

In private education, your learning is more customized.

The main content of the course: the trainees submit the forms of personal goals, current situation and needs.

The high-level private education will customize and provide service training for you who will submit the information on how to improve your riding technology, adapt to your adaptation, and choose the equipment you want to know.