Ride through the ancient temple of Mazai Shandong Mountain in Conghua District, Guangzhou City, and visit the site of the Ma Jing decisive

Ma Jing’s decisive battle is rich in content, which is actually a very historical thing.

But in the process of searching, I didn’t see any introduction.

I don’t know whether the historical evidence is not particularly sufficient, or why, such a good culture has not been publicized.

It is a pity that it is only mentioned in the introduction of the ancient temple.

On this day, we rode up the mountain.

We can see that the Dongshan Ancient Temple located above the Mazai Mountain in Taiping Town, Conghua is the Zhenling Temple of the Battle of Ma Jing.

Look at the introduction of the Dongshan Ancient Temple in Conghua.

Although it is an opportunity to say that the Yang family will hang up Pan Mei’s descendants, it is actually a story about the Pan Mei family hanging up the soldiers of the South Han Dynasty.

All the local vassal towns were naturalized in the Northern Song Dynasty, so this area is called Conghua.

The loyalty and integrity of Duke Yang and his family generals suppressed the grievance of the dead.

Since then, there has been no trouble, so this place has been named Taiping.

All the way up the road, it is basically uphill, and some of them are very steep.

When I saw some mountain friends, most of them drove to the foot of the mountain or the middle of the mountain, and then began to walk honestly, which made me feel pious.

The Northern Song Dynasty took advantage of its military advantages and almost got the first chance everywhere.

The opposite South Han Dynasty, due to the dual nature of its own regime, turned its home court into a terrible away game.

It is also recorded in the history book that the Song army secretly attacked and threw torches at the bamboo fence of the South Han army, and the fire burned down all the South Han army’s camps along the wind.

Considering that it was in the middle and late January at that time, the northwest wind was still blowing in Guangzhou, and the northwest wind blew directly on the Mazai Mountain.

No wonder the whole mountain was burned out.

Although we saw some pine trees in the forest at the scene, the vegetation was not very good, but also slightly sparse.

This is in the follow-up vegetation restoration, We still need to work hard.

We saw the whole Dongshan Ancient Temple, very solemn and simple.

Ithiji waded across the river when he was a child, and came here to worship the temple.

At that time, the Dongshan Ancient Temple was still very dilapidated.

In recent years, the government paid attention to cultural construction, and gradually restored its heroic appearance to show the world.

From this moment on, Mazai Mountain has many stories again.

From the mountaineering gate of Dongshan Ancient Temple is the way to the top.

This is a side view of the vegetation of Mazai Mountain, which is also lush.

Because the mainstream plant of Mazai Mountain is pine, pine nuts are relatively easy to pick up.

While we cross the long river of history, we feel the grace of nature.

Climbing to the top, overlooking the winding clear stream, has nurtured the great people on both sides.

The Daguangzhou Expressway crosses obliquely.

See the panoramic view of Taiping Town.

This is the view in the direction of Huadu and Baiyun.

This is the guide map of Dongshan Ancient Temple.

To sum up the root cause of Ma Jing’s decisive battle in the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Han Dynasty, the fundamental reason is the difference in national strength.

The South Han Dynasty was not as good as the flat Central Plains in terms of resource absorption.

Even if the level of grain production in the areas controlled by both sides was the same, the Southern Han Dynasty was doomed to be unable to obtain the massive resources that the Northern Song Dynasty could have.

This is already a congenital disadvantage.

The Southern Han Dynasty also further abolished martial arts.

The original solution is to establish good relations with local aborigines and use sea trade to absorb sufficient precious metals.

However, in the hands of monarchs with low political level, this balance is easy to give way to the very short-sighted and high-pressure rule.

As a result, the local government is alienated from the small central government.

The final balance of history must be inclined to the strong side.

Since then, the Southern Kingdom has been subordinate to the Northern Song Dynasty.

We see the magnificence of history, the greatness of nature, and the happiness of everyday life.

When walking through the mountains, I saw an old couple climbing back to the mountain.

It was quiet and beautiful.

The most advanced show of love is that no one around is still holding hands, so that we can always be immersed in each other and grow old without being affected by the surrounding.

So we recorded and froze this wonderful figure..