Don’t rush to do these things after riding

We all know that riding is good, but if you have these nausea after riding, you may lose your riding effect in a day.


Smoking after riding increases the body’s oxygen consumption after riding.

Smoking will seriously hinder the ability to take oxygen.

The body’s oxygen supply will be insufficient, and the muscle recovery will be slow.

The direct symptoms are fatigue and dizziness.

Some riders like to take a cigarette when riding for a rest.

However, it will only make you more tired.

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health.

It is better not to smoke at ordinary times.


After riding, the blood circulation is accelerated after drinking.

After drinking, the alcohol enters the blood, and the damage to liver organs will be doubled.


Drink water after riding, but don’t drink it too much.

Your body is in a high temperature state.

Drinking water too much will suddenly cool down and disturb the balance of inorganic salts, which is bad for your health.

Remember to drink it several times.


After riding, the body temperature is high after blowing the air conditioner cold bath.

Sudden blowing the air conditioner or taking a cold bath will lead to a sudden drop in body temperature, may catch a cold, and may also lead to the body’s temperature regulation function disorder.


After riding, the blood is concentrated in the muscles and the blood of the digestive system is less.

Eating too much at this time is easy to indigestion, which may lead to chronic injury.

It is recommended to add a small amount of water after cycling and eat after about two hours.


When you squat to school after riding and finish the long run, the teacher will tell you to walk again, don’t rest immediately, and let your body gradually adapt.

Sit down and rest immediately after riding, which will directly affect the blood supply to the brain, and the brain may have misoperation or even crash..