Recommended cycling routes | Find a small number of scenic spots in the city. A bicycle is enough

For us, bicycle seems to be a convenient means of transportation for growing up.

When I was a child, I always wanted to have a bicycle and swaggered forward.

It seemed that I could drive to the shortcut of growing up quickly.

↓ Middle school, school uniform and schoolbag seemed to be the best combination of bicycles.

Shuttling between home and school, these two front-line life became the best memory of youth ↓ When I grew up and became independent, I had the desire to ride all the way to Tibet.

However, the road was too far and too dangerous, Body and work have blocked this dream for many times ↓▲▲ Tuchong @ MMMoney Photograph Now urban traffic is getting more and more developed, there are more and more taxi software, and the role of bicycles seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

But in the eyes of Xiaofeijun, it is the best tool to visit a city.

Riding in the urban greenway, the verdant spring scenery is the scenery that cannot be reached by the subway ↓▲ Tuchong @ AlsichkannYe Photograph riding by the flower sea in the countryside, some secret urban public transportation can not be covered ↓▲ @ Kaixinsula Photograph riding in the mountain forest, even self-driving can not be as free as bicycle ↓ Today, Feekr will introduce you several urban cycling routes, without the rugged route of Sichuan-Tibet line and Qinghai-Tibet highway, Just use the most comfortable way to travel in the city and take all the small scenic spots into your pocket! The recommended route for Hangzhou to see green tea in the tea garden: Yugu Road → Lingyin Road → Longjing Road → Tea Museum → Longjing Eight Scenes → Longjing Tea House → Manjuelung Road → Yanxia Cave → Manlong Guiyu Park → Hupao Road → Yanggong Causeway → Botanical Garden → Zhejiang University Yuquan Tea Tour starts from Yugu Road, crosses Lingyin Road to Longjing Road, passes through Tea Museum, Longjing Eight Scenes and Longjing Tea House.

Next is about three kilometers downhill from Manjuelung Road, through Yanxia Cave and Manlong Guiyu Park, to Hupao Road.

Then enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake along the Yanggong Causeway and arrive at the Botanical Garden at the northwest of the intersection of Lingyin Road and Yanggong Causeway.

Finally, Yuxing can continue to visit the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University, which is separated by the botanical garden.

This route can not only watch tea gardens and understand the history of tea culture, but also experience the most classic climbing route in Hangzhou.

It is a classic riding route to visit tea|| Tea Museum – The long history and rich culture of tea ▲ A bird’s-eye view of the museum In Hangzhou, you can not only overlook the green tea trees on the whole mountain in Longjing Village, but also have a place that tea lovers can not go to.

It is located near a tea garden, which is the China Tea Museum.

On the way to the museum, you can feel the thick tea culture around you.

There are tea houses along the road.

You can drink a pot of good tea when you stop.

▲ The quiet tea house and small garden museum is very simple and quiet.

The tea museum needs such an atmosphere.

From the history of tea to the tea set, and then to the tea art, all will be displayed one by one.

I can’t help but sigh that there are so many stories in a piece of tea.

Go deep inside the museum and find a quiet pavilion to make a good cup of tea.

Opening Hours: October 8 – April 30 of the next year: 8:30-16:30, May 1 – October 7: 9:00-17:00, closed on Monday (except holidays) | | Eight Sceneries of Longjing – searching for mountains and asking for water at the “best place in the lake and mountain” ▲ @ christina008 Photography of eight sceneries of Longjing refers to “Fenghuang Ridge, Crossing Stream Pavilion, Dixinmarsh, a cloud, Fangyuan Nunnery, Longhong Stream, Shenyun Stone and Cuifeng Pavilion”.

Qianlong had visited Longjing four times, all of which chanted eight scenes.

When it comes to cycling, you can’t get around Longjing.

This road is equivalent to a “holy road”.

The road is rugged and requires enough physical strength and endurance.

It takes more than an hour to ride.

In addition, Longjing Road is very suitable for night riding, but you must pay attention to safety, and pay attention to downhill and curve|| Manjuelung Road – Manjuelung Road Sweet Osmanthus ▲ Weibo @ Chen Xiaoke took a picture of about 3 kilometers downhill from Longjing Road to Manjuelung Road.

The tiredness along the way was swept away by the cool wind down the mountain, accompanied by the sweet osmanthus on both sides of Manjuelung Road, which was very pleasant.

This is a secret place that tourists don’t often go to.

Hidden in the middle of the mountain, it has just become the favorite of many petty bourgeoisie homestays and literary and artistic young people.

In addition to the most famous Stray Birds, there are many good homestays here.

Shanshe is one of them.

The three houses built according to the mountain trend are hidden in the natural villages of Manjuelung.

Wan Jun, the owner of the cottage, collected chairs of different shapes and materials, old stone slabs of ancient towns, old teak furniture, old wall tiles of the French Concession in Shanghai from all over the world…

Each item has a story, which is properly integrated into the design of the cottage.

For rooms without TV, you might as well sleep with the sound of retro high quality Marshall stereo.

(Pay attention to Feekr travel, reply “976”, and immediately snap up the Hangzhou Shanshe Hotel package!) Tips: Many professional cyclists will ride this part of the road at night, which is very challenging.

If you don’t know the road conditions, it is recommended to ride in the evening|| Hupao Road – Longjing Tea Hupao Water ▲ Tuchong @ Talk about Tiaozhao Hupao Road is named after Hupao Temple, and Hupao Temple is named after Hupao Spring.

The water here is probably the cleanest water in Hangzhou.

Many residents will come to fetch water in the morning.

Some B&B Youth Brigades will directly bring the spring water to their own shops, and the newly picked Longjing tea is especially mellow.

There are towering metasequoias on both sides of the road.

It’s really a pleasure to ride there when the traffic flow is low.

▲ @ Shanfeng can’t write travel notes and take photos.

Of course, there are many homestays and youth brigades here, especially near Siyanjing.

In pursuit of accommodation experience, Xiaofeijun recommends lazy villa courtyard, wood and hall; For those who like to live in the Youth Brigade, it is recommended that spring flowers bloom, Wangxing, and Touan.