Preparations before riding and reducing potential safety hazards are everyone’s responsibility

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It is worth noting that cycling, as a speed sport, is inherently dangerous, so we must pay attention to the following points: First, check the vehicle before cycling.

Confirm whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the brake is normal, whether the faucet and handle are locked, and whether the seat cushion is adjusted to the appropriate height.

It is recommended that a simple maintenance tool set (wrench, screwdriver, small air pump, etc.) can be placed in the saddle bag of the vehicle, and can be replaced if necessary.

2、 Vehicles need to be equipped with reflective and lighting devices.

Some people say that cars are made of iron and locomotives are made of iron.

You should pay more attention to safety when riding a bicycle.

In densely populated areas of the city, traffic accidents are likely to occur due to carelessness.

Adhering to the principle of protecting yourself and others, you should turn on the lights when cycling at night to remind other passers-by of the existence of “you”.

3、 Proper wearing of safety helmets Although the traffic laws and regulations have not yet mandated the wearing of safety helmets for cycling, it is still recommended that cyclists form the habit of wearing safety helmets.


Before wearing the helmet, select the appropriate size that has passed the government inspection.


Adjust the rear knob, and the tightness should be comfortable but not loose.


Fix the adjusting buckles on both sides under the earlobe to avoid shaking or falling off.


Fasten the button to keep it comfortable and fixed.


The front edge of the helmet should be pressed down and aligned with the eyebrows to ensure that the forehead is protected.

4、 Wear gloves to avoid injury.

The weight of a bicycle is no more than that of a motorcycle, and it is easier to lose the sense of balance.

When a person falls when riding a bicycle, the reflex action will use hands to support the body, and wearing gloves can protect the palm of the hand when falling.

The inner layer of some bicycle gloves is also sewn with pads, which can provide shock absorption and buffering force to avoid palm injury.

5、 Keep a safe driving distance When riding, keep an appropriate safe distance from other vehicles to prevent emergency braking in case of emergency.

Because the bicycle body is light, emergency braking may cause more serious consequences such as rollover.

The correct way is to put on the brake with both hands and slow down slowly.

Don’t just brake the front wheel.

(It is recommended to brake first and then brake) VI.

Slow down when turning.

When entering the curve, reduce the speed to the range that can be passed safely.

Do not rush.

Also avoid braking in the process of entering the corner, so as to avoid losing balance and causing accidents.

Before changing the driving direction, you can remind other passers-by by with a sign, and then turn after observing the presence of unmanned vehicles.

7、 When parking, you should get off the station and stand on the road like a tiger.

You must be alert when crossing the intersection.

Do not rush or run the red light.

When encountering a red light, be sure to leave the seat cushion with your buttocks, leave the pedal with your feet, and maintain your standing posture to ensure balance.

When starting, the car body can be tilted, and the front foot can start quickly after stepping on the pedal to avoid falling due to unstable center of gravity.

8、 When crossing the railway, it is necessary to keep a right angle to pass through the railway level crossing, the principle of stopping, watching and listening should be maintained.

When the fence has been put down, it is necessary to wait patiently and do not trespass on the railway track.

When crossing the railway, the front wheel should keep a right angle with the rail, be careful of the clearance of the rail, and pass quickly.

9、 To measure the ability, choose the right road section.

The terrain of each region is changeable, and the mountains and rivers are beautiful.

Bicycle tourism is a very popular leisure activity.

But before you travel, you should plan your route and measure your physical strength and skills.

Increase the distance and intensity of cycling in a step-by-step manner, replenish water at any time, and arrange appropriate rest time Riding is a pious pilgrimage.

It is a kind of penance and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what the meaning of riding is? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of arriving at the destination? Maybe not.

Every person who loves riding has different meanings in his mind.

It may be a kind of life perception, a kind of self breakthrough, a kind of memory pursuit, or a kind of growth sharpening.

But no matter how it appears in people’s mind, it is a kind of healthy and upward lifestyle endorsement.

The process of riding may be very hard and tiring, but we have always insisted that even if we are tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, is the meaning of life.

There is a rainbow in the sky edited by the old wolf.

It is beautiful in the sky after the rain.

There is also a rainbow in life, that is, riding.

It makes life colorful.

We are full of vitality and youth.

Our youthful life and youthful cycling make our hearts fly young.

There is no failure.

Regardless of success or failure, cycling is the rainbow of our life!!! Every like you order, I seriously regard it as like, share, collect, like.