Jump from the sky and ride the Jedi to challenge the 30-second record

From July 16 to 17, the second Red Bull Sky Ladder downhill race will be held in the Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, a 5A scenic spot.

13 top international heavy bicycle downhill professionals from six countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, Spain, will enter the two-day competition.

The 999 level ladder of Tianmen Mountain will be used as the main track to compete for the championship of the speed race and the skill race.

In the peak match of downhill riding last year, the defending champion Canadian rider Garrett Bitter won the race championship in 29.940 seconds, and the American rider Mike Montgomery won the technical championship with 87.66 points.

The 999 steps of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain, as a downhill track, with a height of 149 meters, a length of 236 meters, and the steepest stage of 42 degrees, has become the world’s most “aggressive” track.

Especially in the race, the rider must accelerate all the way.

If the race is not beautiful in the weather and after the mountain rain, the requirements for the riders’ control skills are very high, and no mistakes are allowed.

“This is a very ‘magical’ track.

It’s really incredible.

I already feel great to be able to stand on the starting point.

So I told myself that as long as I do better every time than the previous one, it’s enough.

I don’t think too much about the results.” Garrett, the defending champion, said when he won the championship last year.

One year later, the 13 players who participated in the second Red Bull Ladder Downhill Race were still the world’s top mountain bike downhill riders, both veteran and new challenges.

Andrew Taylor, who won the runner-up of the technical competition in the first Red Bull Skyladder downhill race in 2015, confirmed that he would fight against Tianmen Mountain again this year, and said that he would make every effort to win the championship; Geoff Gulevich, who retired from the race last year due to injury, and Stefano Dolphin, the upstart of the Italian mountain bike project, made a comeback to make up for last year’s regret.

Among the newcomers, Nicholi Rogatkin, the first American rider in the world to use a downhill bike to perform the Cashroll action, Bernardo Cruz, the Brazilian rider who won the two finals championship in Whistler, Canada, and Adolf Silva, a 19-year-old Spanish player who has won the first prize in the professional freestyle of Gopro, will also play for the first time, The quick-drop and no-riding duel between warriors is imminent.

The only Asian face, Jiang Sihan, a contestant from Taiwan, China, who was seriously injured in a car crash last year, participated in track training and experience exchange as a specially invited contestant this year, and will challenge the competition in acrobatic competitions if conditions permit.

The rules of the second Red Bull Sky Ladder downhill race are the same as that of last year.

There are two links of qualifying and knockout in the two days of the race.

The 13 riders first decide the top 12 through the qualifying race, then the top three in the first and last round of the qualifying race, and then the final place is determined through a round of big decisive battle.

The starting point of the race track is the starting point of the Tianmen Cave ladder.

The contestants will dive and ride the entire ladder, and complete the race by leaping over the platform with a span of more than 6.5 meters and a height difference of more than 5 meters at the “censer”.

At the end of the race, they will win at least.

Compared with last year, the acrobatics competition has shortened the length of the track, and added a 2m high throwing platform and a 3m high landing slope at the final stage of the track.

The riders need to speed up to leap over the space with a span of 6.5m, complete difficult movements in the air, adjust the acceleration after landing, and complete difficult movements again by throwing the platform.

Based on the difficulty and fluency of movements, the acrobatics competition has greatly increased the requirements for the riders’ ability to adjust in the air, which is more exciting for mountain bikers and spectators good-looking.

The Red Bull Sky Ladder downhill race is not enough to be described in terms of excitement, challenge, adventure and so on, because the legendary New Zealand rider Kelly Magari left his last unforgettable memory on the Chinese track last year.

At that time, in the knockout race, Kelly McGarry came out for the last time.

During the acceleration and descent process, the brake suddenly failed.

He was jumping over the curved wall and crashing through the anti-skid belt to the ground.

The front tire burst, and the front wheel was seriously deformed.

He fell off the track, and the timer stopped at 36.527 seconds.

Fortunately, he was not in any serious condition.

But at the beginning of February this year, a bad news made mountain bikers all over the world cry, and he failed to avoid an accident.

For Kelly, choosing challenges is their life motto, and their dreams are therefore indestructible.

However, they are not hot-headed when engaged in thrilling challenges.

On the contrary, they have learned to deal with challenges more calmly and avoid serious injuries through more diligent practice.

For the 33-year-old Kelly, although he had sewed more than 30 stitches on his body before he died, the only thing he never gave up was his love for mountain cycling and his practice day after day.

Even if you leave at last, you will fall to the top of the mountain.

Therefore, in the hearts of mountain bikers and fans, all the coronations and praise for him are not enough to describe his greatness.

From July 16 to 17, Tianmen Mountain is looking forward to their amazing performance.

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