Have you passed the eight criteria for cycling?

There are many people who like cycling.

They all come from different fields and have received different levels of education.

Everyone’s personality and habits are very different.

Although most of the riders are very friendly, they still need to pay attention to the following points when getting along: 01.

Don’t ask others to borrow a car.

This is a taboo before riders.

Everyone’s car is like his own darling.

Borrowing a car is not a problem.

The problem is that you broke the car when you borrowed it.

Do you want the other party to ask you for compensation? How much is appropriate? If you are not a particularly close friend, you should be silent on this issue.


Don’t impose your own thoughts on others.

Everyone has different preferences for cars.

Just like some people like the speedcar and some people like the Shimano, the different feel also attracts different fans.

What you like and think is good does not represent the other party’s ideas, so it is the most basic respect not to impose your own ideas on others.


Just riding a bike doesn’t ask about life.

The first time you met someone was because of riding a bike.

It doesn’t mean you have to tell him everything.

So even a good cyclist shouldn’t ask about other people’s life.

Distance produces beauty everywhere.


Don’t preach.

Many people like to preach to new people in the voice of others because they have been riding for a long time.

It is OK to share experience, but it is really unpopular to put on airs and rank seniority with others.

What others have done wrong can be said, but please pay attention to your tone.

People who are high above others are not close to the people.


Going out without paying the bill is generally AA-system.

Occasionally, some people are happier and eat more than others.

They can always slip away when they have to pay the bill.

My brother has to settle the accounts.

Brother, you can have a long time.~06.

You don’t even care about your own safety if you obey the traffic rules, and may even threaten the safety of others.

Who would like to ride with such riders.

Running traffic lights, riding side by side, and racing in crowded sections are all very offensive.


Don’t encourage everyone to have limited ability.

A competitive person is easy to be encouraged.

It is only a matter of money to encourage him to upgrade his car.

But if you encourage him to ride a Sichuan-Tibet line…

Spending is a small matter, safety is a big matter, and things will not end! 08.

Have a team spirit.

Each team has its own rules.

If you must be a maverick in a team, then I don’t think any club is suitable for you.

Any dissatisfaction can be communicated, but spreading negative energy is your fault.

I hope that you can mend your mistakes and encourage others to ride in a civilized way to make the cycling family better and better!.