Where do you put your mobile phones when riding?

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Thank you for your support! With the popularity of smart phones, all kinds of mobile phone apps have gradually occupied our time.

Mobile phones have become an extension of our brain.

It is estimated that only when we sleep, we don’t need mobile phones.

Other times, mobile phones are serving us.

But when we ride, our hands can’t be free and we can’t find mobile phones.

Where do we put mobile phones at this time? 1.

The back pocket of the cycling suit is now designed at the back of the cycling suit.

The rider can put energy glue, supplies, water bottles and so on.

As an amateur player, we regard this as a treasure chest.

Wallets, mobile phones, power packs, spare tires, food and so on can all be put in it.

Of course, we will put a self-sealing bag inside the mobile phone to prevent sweat from wetting the mobile phone.

The mobile phone can be accessed at any time by putting it in the back pocket, which is very convenient and won’t miss important phone calls.


Mobile phone holder Most mobile phone holders of mountain bikes are directly placed on the grip, while those of road bikes are mostly placed on the wrist cover.

It is convenient to place them anywhere.

As long as you look down, you can see the interface of the mobile phone, and you can view the road book or the speed of the riding, the heart rate of the treading frequency, etc.

Now the design and manufacturing process of the mobile phone bracket are very good, and I’m not too worried about overturning it, but Xiao Bian is very worried about breaking the mobile phone when the car falls or accidentally falls when parking.


Saddle bag and front beam saddle bag are good things.

They are popular as a small and practical mounting tool, and many saddle bags have special positions for mobile phones, which are transparent, visible and waterproof.

You can view mobile phone content at any time.

However, Xiaobian feels that the binding of the saddle bag will affect the movement of the brake line and the transmission line, and affect the handling feeling when turning.


The tail bag usually has a spare tire or a tire repair tool.

It is not very convenient to use the mobile phone, but it is also a good choice without clothes pockets, especially for many girls’ clothes.


The arm bag and waist bag are mostly used by children in the running circle.

The arm bag is a little better and will not affect the feeling of riding, but the waist bag is really a little uncomfortable.

When you ride, you will have a forward movement, and another waist bag around your waist will affect your strength and breathing.


Backpack is a good tool for medium and long distance riding, especially for those with water bags.

It is very delicious to put a mobile phone, but it may be a little inconvenient to use.

Guys, where do you put your mobile phone?.