From Fujian to Guangdong to sigh — riding on the coast of South Xinjiang in the New Year of the Rabbit 4

1、 Kapok, Hero Flower On the afternoon of January 27 (the sixth day of the Chinese New Year), we visited the Dongshan Fengshi Scenic Spot, and left the scenic spot to ride to Zhao’an County before noon.

This distance is only 48 kilometers, and it is downwind.

If I ride at my normal speed, I can arrive at Raoping County for accommodation that night, because it is only 67 kilometers from the scenic spot to Raoping directly.

However, Brother Feng has less training at ordinary times.

He thinks it is difficult to ride to Raoping County, so he can only go to Zhao’an.

The wind is light and the clouds are clear, the sun is beautiful and the scenery is bright, and the riding mood along the way is not good! In particular, the blooming of kapok trees on the roads in Zhao’an reminds me of the former Chaoshan netizens when riding.

When they first met Kapok, they saw the picture in their QQ space.

At that time, they proudly said: Kapok is also called the hero flower…

Why kapok is called the hero flower, and whether it is the hero flower or not is unknown.

However, kapok is very beautiful.

A tree of red flowers, set off by green branches and leaves, is really very beautiful! When QQ space is in vogue, netizens from Yangguan in the west are all over the world, and poems and articles attract much attention.

But up to now, the vast majority of QQ netizens have lost contact.

I suddenly felt that QQ was like kapok.

It was really beautiful when it was in full bloom, but now it is no longer beautiful and has become a hero flower! 2、 At 8:30 on the 28th of the 28th, Raoping County Magistrate left Zhao’an County and rode to Chaozhou.

At 9:55, I rode to the junction of Zhao’an County and Raoping County.

There is a huge stone tablet with four big red characters “Guangdong Raoping” engraved on it.

In front of the stone tablet is also a sign of “Welcome to Chaozhou”.

I was very happy to see it.

I immediately got off the bus and called for Brother Feng to come and take photos: It’s from Fujian to Guangdong, take photos and punch in! After taking photos, we continued to ride for less than one kilometer, and ran into a large section of potholed and dilapidated road.

It was particularly difficult and uncomfortable to ride.

In addition, our small folding bike was too bumpy and scary to ride.

I can’t help wondering: Guangdong is a major economic province in the country, and its wealth has long been known around the world.

As the east gate of Chaozhou, the road at the junction of Raoping and Zhao’an in Fujian Province is so dilapidated that it can’t stand to be seen.

Didn’t the BMW of Raoping County Magistrate pass here? The east gate of Chaozhou, the east gate of Guangdong, is so important for the faces of provinces and cities.

Is Raoping County Magistrate not even want the faces of Guangdong and Chaozhou? 3、 Chaozhou has long admired the Chaoshan culture with its “blocking” style, especially the great contribution of the Korean Duke to Chaoshan culture.

On the way from Chaozhou Hi-tech Zone to Chaozhou City, I suddenly saw the flow of motor vehicles and the speed was very fast.

Although we were riding in the roadside non-motor vehicle lane, we were still afraid of the rolling traffic.

Because it is mostly downhill, it is easy to ride, but the risk of fast speed is also high.

Along the way, I reminded Brother Feng to keep close to the roadside and move forward…

When approaching Chaozhou, I saw the sign stone of “Lu Xiufu Cemetery” on the roadside.

Although the car had passed, I still called Brother Feng to stop and wait.

Lu Xiufu is a tragic hero I admire.

In the last battle between the Southern Song Dynasty and the Yuan Army, the Yashan Naval Battle, the Southern Song Army was completely destroyed and 100000 soldiers and civilians went to sea to go to the national disaster.

Lu Xiufu, who was the last prime minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, committed suicide in the sea on the back of Zhao Bing, the little emperor, and drew a solemn and stirring end to the whole Song Dynasty.

Although Lu Xiufu is not written in my play “Yao Qin Hate”, I adore him.

I really want to go to worship Lu Xiufu, but I see that the cemetery is an old road, and the construction vehicles shuttle through.

I don’t know how far Lu Ling is from the intersection.

I checked it with Baidu Map, but I can’t find the location of Lu Xiufu’s cemetery.

I have no choice but to give up my thoughts.

After getting back on the bike and riding forward for less than one li, a man behind him drove his motorcycle away from the roadside to the fast lane.

He saw the motorcycle hesitating on the innermost fast lane.

The car coming from behind couldn’t stop quickly and crashed the motorcycle into the road.

The iron sheet of the motorcycle was flying, and the man fell heavily to the green island…

There was chaos immediately on the road.

We didn’t dare to take a look, didn’t stop, and continued to ride forward, more cautious.

In the area of Kaiyuan Temple, the roads are congested with motor vehicles.

Motorcycles rush in the slow flow of traffic.

We can only push them on the sidewalk.

The degree and scale of traffic congestion in Chaozhou has never been seen in any city in the country I have visited, which gives me a new understanding of Chaozhou from another perspective: Chaozhou’s prosperity is far better than the original imagination! In the afternoon, we slowly rode forward in the traffic flow, and we were lucky to ride to Guangji Bridge.

Due to the large number of tourists, we could only enjoy the scenery from the riverside corridor.

Of course, I still want to pay homage to the Hanwen Temple.

Unfortunately, I was told before I went to the Hanwen Temple that the reservation for entering the temple today is full.

I can’t help but take photos outside the temple.

When riding the Hanjiang Bridge, you can’t help admiring the beauty of the Hanjiang River from a high place.

When I first saw Han River, I felt and chanted: Xixi tourists see Han River, and the clear water is long and long.

The charm of the Han Dynasty and the wind of the Tang Dynasty spread the rain, and you Jue Wen’s ink is still fragrant.

——Han Jiangyin 2023.1.28.