European cycling No. 8: blue and black sea

On the last night of riding in Romania, I spent my stay in the town of Jiljiu.

The inn was in a courtyard with vines and orchards.

When the cart entered the gate, an old man sat on a chair under the courtyard wall to greet me and asked a young man to take me to the room.

I leaned my car against the corner, and an old woman was cleaning the floor and cleaning the sheets in the lobby.

After cleaning up, I went out to look for food.

The old man was still sitting under the courtyard wall.

On the other chair was a woman in her thirties.

Her right forearm is tattooed with a sexy Queen of Hearts K poker.

She can speak English and says her name is Melera.

The old man is her father Marian, and the woman who cleans the room is her mother Mariana.

When I returned to the inn after dinner, a thin middle-aged man was working in the yard.

Without any protection, he was buzzing with an electric grinder and polishing the faded green fence.

Because his face and body were covered with green paint powder, he looked like Shrek, the green monster in the movie, but much thinner than Shrek.

Melella is drinking with his father.

When I came back, she said, “It’s still early.

Have a drink with us.” I said, “I bought Laputi (milk in Romanian) in the street.” Mellera shouted, “Don’t Raputi, but Cal Barton!” She pointed at the wine bottle on the table.

Melella gave me the chair she was sitting on, and brought another one to sit opposite me and her father.

She poured me a glass of Cal Barton, cut an orange with a knife, put it in the wine, and then filled it with herself.

After drinking, she opened her mobile phone and recommended a cryptocurrency to me.

She said that she had made more money in the past few days.

Seeing that I was not interested, she asked me where I came from.

When Marian heard “America” and “China”, he cut in and said, “Chip!” and pointed to his forehead.

Seeing me confused, Melala said: “My father means that you must have been vaccinated from the United States, and have a chip in your head.” I almost laughed, thinking the old man was joking.

Melella said, “Don’t laugh, my father is serious.” European Cycling Series: European Cycling Series: One of the European Cycling Kingdoms: European Cycling Series: Cologne: The World’s Largest Ruins: Three of the European Cycling Series: Safe Cycling and Unexpected Food: Four of the European Cycling Series: Where Not to Meet European Cycling Series: Five of the European Cycling Series: Meet European Cycling Series by the Rhine River: Six of the European Cycling Series: The other half of the European Cycling Series: Seven of the Romanian Children, click the bottom left corner“