2.11 Dianshan Lake 28km Cycling Challenge

The designer said that most of the post-80s and post-90s have become parents.

Recall that the school and the game hall dominated the school in those days.

Wen can write and copy homework, and Wu can plant crops in the land.

At a carefree age, can you ever think that after being a parent for several years, you will stay up all night and work hard to complete the manual work assigned by the teacher to your child; Special attention will be paid to class group information, such as meeting, submitting nucleic acid code, and establishing a platform for youth learning and safety education; I will constantly comfort myself when tutoring homework, “Don’t be angry, it is to leave room for the devil”; I will be afraid of receiving the news from the head teacher suddenly, and I will sigh that I still haven’t escaped the fate of my childhood.

Our parents are working hard and studying hard; Work hard; Try to find more suitable educational methods.

However, we are deeply involved in the education and the chicken baby war.

With the help of the whole family, we pour resources and attention into a child.

Any unsatisfactory academic performance will become the straw that will bring down the emotions of our parents.

【1】 In the simplest way, we can see that Tang Jiangpeng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the principal of Xishan High School in Jiangsu Province, once put forward that “good education is to train lifelong sportsmen, responsibility bearers, problem solvers and elegant living people”.

These four are not separate, but closely related.

Everyone knows the truth, but what should we do to achieve the balance between score and quality education? How to motivate children to learn? Can we make education more possible? The main road to Jane starts with cycling.

【2】 Kunshan, a lifelong sportsman, enjoys playing outdoor exercises to make his body strong and strong.

In group sports, he cultivates the qualities of cooperation and endurance, self-control and loyalty, and enhances body coordination.

If children are good at sports and are willing to exercise from childhood, it will play an extremely important role in developing the habit of lifelong sports as entertainment.

Cycling is a professional and interesting exercise method.

It can enhance resistance, improve respiratory system, and strengthen lower limb muscle strength.

Children love sports more than we think! Yueyue, who is four and a half years old, completed a 30-kilometer ride with the team under the guidance of a professional cycling coach.

Surprised, he had to sigh at the children’s infinite potential and tenacity! In the team, small but tough and tall figures, riding bicycles under the blue sky, on the path and by the lake embankment, marched forward bravely to the destination together.

This should be the best portrayal of youth! 【3】 The responsible person “the overall quality of children today is the overall strength of our country in the future”.

Children are not only the hope of a family, but also the future of the nation! The sense of responsibility needs to be nurtured from childhood! It is not simple preaching, but teaching with pleasure, learning, experiencing and summarizing in specific activities.

“Our team leader is the soul of the team.

We should be responsible for every member and every child! Profession is our basic attitude!” The team leader here has rich experience in outdoor sports teaching.

Set an example and teach by example.

Teach knowledge through concrete and vivid “bicycle structure analysis” practice class; To ensure the safety of children with a ratio of 1:5 team leaders; Infect every child with a positive attitude; Let children feel more deeply about nature and experience life with what they saw, heard and felt during a ride! Tell children how to be responsible with actions.

Andy, who is 13 years old, is the leader of the cycling team.

He said in his summary: “This is my first time to challenge 28km.

I am tired on the way and want to give up.

But I think as a leader, I must set an example and take my brothers and sisters to complete the challenge together.” [4] The problem solver Hu Jun made a micro film “Different Father”, in which the relationship between father and son The father’s unique childcare concept and childcare method are of great educational significance.

In the short film, the father insisted on walking a long way to send his son to school every day and told his son that the road came out.

Whether it is windy or rainy, the time is short, and the bag is heavy.

They always change their ways.

One day, the road to school was blocked by construction.

At this time, the son asked his father for help: “What can I do with my father?” The father did not give the answer directly, but asked the son a question in a guided way: How do you think about it? Is there any other choice besides this road? Observe the surrounding environment with your eyes and listen carefully with your ears.

What can help you find the direction? Under the guidance of his father, the son carefully recalled the small details of the past road and finally found another way.

Pascal, the French thinker, once said: “Man is a reed with thoughts, and the fragile life becomes extremely powerful because of the power of thinking.” We need to guide children how to observe things in life, understand things, and use the skills they have mastered to better solve problems.

In the process of riding, we will encounter many problems and failures, such as chain loss, broken tire, pedal loss, etc.

Riding seems simple, but there are many skills to upgrade.

Why is it easy to fall when getting on and off, turning, or braking hard? How do bicycles keep balance? What are the riding gestures? What physical knowledge does an ordinary bicycle contain? During the whole riding process, the leaders guide the children to think actively, exercise their hands-on ability, and improve their ability to solve problems independently.

On-site teaching – combining theory with practice, let children know why they know it and cook by themselves – nothing is more delicious than a simple meal completed by teamwork.

When children recall what they have learned, their faces are full of confident smiles.

Such growth experience cannot be given in textbooks.

【5】 The guide of “The Four Seasons of Life”, an elegant life, said that when you go deep into the heart of flowers, you will catch a glimpse of the soul of the earth.