Zhang Xiangdong’s bicycle revolution – entrepreneur

“Those good cars are made and used by a few people.

They have nothing to do with daily people and daily life.” And what Zhang Xiangdong will do next, In August, the Belgian amphibious travel plan planned by Zhang Xiangdong and his good friend Chen Gang was officially launched.

They plan to let more people ride bicycles through the streets and alleys of Belgium.

Zhang Xiangdong, once an Internet serial entrepreneur, now enters the traditional light industry manufacturing industry and “rides” his hobby Made a career.

Chen Gang also advocates technology and emerging lifestyles.

He is one of the founders of Ma honeycomb.

The combination of the two let Zhang Xiangdong see the new idea of bicycle entrepreneurship.

Some doubts about Zhang Xiangdong and his bike a year ago are slowly disappearing.

Zhang Xiangdong thought of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels.

He once wanted to be a hero.

He didn’t make peace with himself until his third venture.

He is more willing to accept himself who is willing to be ordinary on the road of entrepreneurship.

Chaos and lack Zhang Xiangdong rode the latest Galaxy bike 700bike through less than half of Beijing, late.

He said that now, I can no longer use “traffic jam” as an excuse for being late.

He smiled shyly, sat down and drank a bottle of beer and relaxed himself.

The bicycle and its equipment are standard for Zhang Xiangdong.

He collected a lot of expensive commemorative road bikes.

The first road bike cost 20000 yuan, which was not a small expenditure.

Zhang Xiangdong calculated for himself: how much does it cost to drive gasoline a year? How many such bicycles can you buy if you buy a flat less house? “For me, this is not an obstacle.” Zhang Xiangdong is a typical young man of literature and art.

He loves fixed gear, a kind of bicycle without one-way free wheels.

The car fully echoes with the body, and the frequency, rhythm and direction move at will.

It is as free as people’s breathing, and there is a juvenile rebellion.

Riding different bicycles, he will match different equipment and clothes.

For example, for road bikes with high technological level, he matches elegant clothes, while for professional cycling, he chooses fashionable professional cycling clothes.

Zhang Xiangdong thought, I love bicycles so much that I can’t love them in vain.

His attitude is to do something for something he likes.

For a long time, as the president of jiubang digital, a NASDAQ listed company, he was afraid of losing creativity, so he resigned and dedicated his third venture to bicycles.

700bike was originally a bicycle media.

The two founders were born in the Internet.

Zhang Xiangdong was one of the early investors.

Zhang Xiangdong has repeatedly suggested that they transform to hardware.

After several discussions, the more in-depth the discussion, Zhang Xiangdong simply went to battle by himself.

The first reaction was that it would make him happier than before.

Can turn a hobby into a career, not only rely on passion, but also worry and doubt.

The only thing that can keep him creative is to form an innovative production model in the bicycle industry.

This is not easy in the existing Chinese bicycle market.

Similar to the computer market around 2000, there are two camps for domestic bicycle brands: the first camp is the large households represented by giante and Merida.

When Zhang Xiangdong entered this light industrial manufacturing industry, the annual shipment of giante was nearly 3 million, accounting for 20% – 25% of the domestic vehicle market, and the shipment of Merida exceeded one million, with a market share of 10%.

The remaining market share is divided by the sketch cards of the second tier.

In the whole production chain, various parts manufacturers have formed a complex market system.

For example, the world’s largest transmission manufacturer is Shimano, Japan.

Its annual revenue is nearly twice that of giante, accounting for more than half of the global market.

The second place is the American company Express Alliance (SRAM), established in 1987.

On the one hand, these parts giants have formed a fixed market pattern after long-term market reshuffle and industry integration; On the other hand, the market living space under the monopoly of big brands is very limited, and some unknown parts brands can only try their best to occupy a smaller market share.

“Chaos” is the norm of this gradually rigid market system.

The transmission is just the tip of the iceberg.

China’s bicycle industry as a whole remains at the medium and low-end manufacturing level.

Homogenization and price compression are serious, and most parts are only to meet the needs of foreign markets, which do not match the needs of domestic bicycles.

For Zhang Xiangdong, he wants to enter this market that is losing creativity and occupy a stable market share.

First, he needs to solve the problem of a bicycle and second, he needs to coordinate the resources of the whole industrial chain.

Although he likes bicycles very much, when it comes to manufacturing, he is not proficient in everything.

For example, if a bicycle is placed in front of him, he can’t tell how much it costs.

This is what his entrepreneurial team lacks.

Trend and balance Zhang Xiangdong built cars secretly and set up a product team.

He likes to find references.

He always felt that he had a seed gene in his heart.

This seed promotes him to constantly reflect on himself on his entrepreneurial path.

Zhang Xiangdong, born in 1977, graduated from Peking University.

His major is information management.

When he entered school, the Internet started in China.

The open and free market of the Internet gave him plenty of imagination.

Bill Gates’s book the road to the future had a great impact on him.

He saw the possibility that the future world will be changed by the Internet.

But he doesn’t want to be a follower.

He has to change something on his own.

After graduating and working in Dangdang for several months, he decided to set up his first RSS like website, whose name came from Cui Jian’s song of the same name – solution.

On the back of his business card, he explained that some problems need to be solved.

Later, I thought, I didn’t know the height of heaven and earth..