Why are the 19 cycling rules of 1942 still adhered to?

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Thank you for your support! The coolness in the face against the wind, the speeding scenery and the bicycle bring you a different life…

But there will always be bumps in sports.

Bruises, fractures and even death are topics that can never be avoided, so you must remember safety first while being refreshing.

A group of illustrations published in the official safety manual of American bicycle club in 1942 remind everyone that safety awareness must always be kept in mind.


Don’t swing left and right in the driveway.


Pay attention to the “stop” sign on the road.


Pay attention to pedestrians on the road.


Don’t ride in the middle of the road.


Be careful when cycling in the park.


Keep a safe and effective distance behind the motor vehicle.


Don’t ride while chatting.


When riding on the main road, pay attention to the vehicles in the rear.


Remember to ring the bell.


Be sure to sign when turning left.


Don’t try to overtake on the right.


Lighting equipment shall be provided for night riding.


Don’t carry people on the handlebars.


Keep your attention focused at all times.


It’s very dangerous to take off the handle and ride a bike.


When there are many people cycling, everyone should keep a straight line formation.


Don’t ride on the sidewalk.


Don’t run the red light.


Cycling on the street is very dangerous.

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