Why are riding helmets so expensive?

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An entry-level mountain bike costs about 2000 yuan.

A similar helmet costs at least two or three hundred yuan (thousands of Yuan helmets can be found everywhere).

In contrast, riding helmets are very expensive.

Although there are thirty or forty yuan for riding helmets, most people won’t choose helmets at this price.

Don’t worry.

Riding helmets are so expensive, mainly because of the following reasons: 1.

Craft riding helmets are mainly divided into two forms: integrated and non integrated.

Generally, when buying riding helmets, they will choose one-piece ones, because such riding helmets have better fit and strength, but the process requirements are higher, and the price is naturally expensive.


Materials: the shell materials of riding helmets are usually PC and PVC.

The integrated helmets basically use PC, and the price of PC is much more expensive than PVC.

The price of PC is naturally more expensive, durable and cold resistant, while PVC is much worse.

Lining is also extremely important.

A good helmet lining can not only be very comfortable for riders, but also play a very good buffer role in case of accidents, but also be easy to clean.

Isn’t it expensive to meet so many advantages.


The premise of designing riding helmets is that the design skills are important and cumbersome, including shape, structure and pattern.

Especially in the era of pursuing lightweight, it is necessary to ensure its strength, small wind resistance and comfortable wearing.

It has to be said that research and development is difficult.

I think this is a very important factor that riding helmets are more expensive.


The production scale is small.

Although there are many riding enthusiasts now, riding is still relatively small.

The demand for riding helmets is not so large, so many helmets have not formed a very large scale.

If the scale advantage is formed, the price will certainly be lower.


Testing riding helmets requires extremely complex and rigorous testing before they are officially launched, which will increase costs and lead to price increases.


No matter how fragrant the marketing cost is, the wine is afraid of the deep alley.

Who knows if you don’t publicize your riding helmet.

Marketing promotion, team sponsorship, driver endorsement That’s a lot of money and will eventually be shared with the price of riding helmets.


Brand premium is the same for any product.

Famous brands are expensive.

There’s no way.

Everyone recognizes this.

Even if it’s from a factory, those with a brand are expensive.


Psychological factors riding helmets protect the head, and the head is one of our most important body parts.

In other words, riding helmets directly protect life.

Based on this psychology, who dares to buy cheap riding helmets? After all, life is only once.

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