When the woman rode a bicycle, her skirt was rolled into the rear wheel of the car, and her skirt was rotten. She was embarrassed and in a

Winter has passed and spring has come.

The cold winter has passed, the warm spring has come, and the midsummer is waving to people.

The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to “show your figure” and “show your clothes”.

Young and beautiful girls and sisters also begin to go out in beautiful clothes to show their proud posture and graceful curves.

The warming of the temperature gives young girls who like beautiful girls the opportunity to show their figure, but also buries some risks.

For example, when riding a bicycle in a long skirt, a person who doesn’t pay attention to the long skirt may be rolled into the wheel.

If this happens, don’t mention how embarrassing it is…

A woman encountered such an embarrassing thing when riding a bicycle for an outing in a long skirt silk stockings after the weather warmed up.

She was in a dilemma for a moment and looked embarrassed…

A woman rode a bicycle in a long skirt suit.

After the long skirt was rolled into the wheel, with the increasingly warm temperature, spring returns to the earth and everything recovers, It’s the annual peak of outing again.

Taking advantage of the rising temperature, beautiful ladies and sisters also took out their summer clothes early, played in beautiful clothes and showed their graceful posture.

After the weather warmed up, a little sister wore a beautiful group of filaments and beautiful silk stockings, and was ready to go out on her beloved bicycle.

Originally dressed up and in a good mood, I was ready to enjoy the spring sunshine and feel the breath of nature while the spring flowers bloom and everything recovers.

But what she didn’t expect was that when she rode her bike halfway, she suddenly felt that her feet were heavy and tight behind her, the bike suddenly lost control and the whole person almost fell…

After she managed to control the bike, the woman found that she couldn’t move.

She looked down and found that her skirt had been rolled into the back wheel of the bike during the ride, resulting in the car being locked to death, That’s why I almost fell…

The woman’s skirt was rolled into the rear wheel of the car.

She was embarrassed and in a dilemma.

She went out to play with a good mood, but she encountered such a thing.

The woman was in a bad mood for a moment, so she wanted to “get out” and prepare to go back to her house and replace the rolled up skirt.

But what surprised her was that it was easy to roll in the skirt, but it was difficult to get out…

Because the skirt was stuck in the rear wheel and was connected with the wheel, the woman sat in the back seat of the car and couldn’t get down or walk, and the car was stuck by the skirt, so she couldn’t move, move forward or retreat.

For a moment, the woman was a little embarrassed.

She had to sit on the seat and stand in place.

She looked confused and didn’t know what to do.

Finally, in desperation, the woman had to “be cruel” to tear up the skirt and go home to change her clothes, which ruined her great travel plan.

After seeing the woman’s experience, netizens also pinched a sweat for her.

Imagine what would happen if the woman rode a high-speed electric car instead of a bicycle, and her skirt was rolled into the rear wheel? If it’s light, the dress will be torn, and if it’s heavy, there may be serious consequences…

Through this matter, Xiuer puts forward two suggestions to ladies who love beauty, hoping to help you.

① : try to wear sportswear when riding.

Whether riding a bicycle, motorcycle or electric vehicle, the most taboo is to wear skirts or clothes with long hem.

In particular, some women who love beauty like to ride in skirts.

However, wearing skirts is a great risk.

If the skirt is rolled into the wheel during high-speed driving, the consequences will be unimaginable.

For example, this woman, fortunately, only the skirt is torn.

If there is an accident, she will regret it…

So Xiuer suggested that she should try to wear sportswear instead of skirts or clothes and trousers that swing too much to avoid accidents.

② : in case of an accident, ask for help in time.

When some people are in an accident or dilemma because their skirt is rolled into the wheel, they dare not ask the people around them for help out of shame.

For people with such psychological dynamics, Xiuer suggested that they should consider their own safety and put down the so-called shame.

In case of similar problems, you should call for help and get out of trouble in time.

If you are injured, it is most important to see a doctor at the first time.

After all, compared with personal safety, everything else is not important.

Finally, Xiuer appealed that all factors should be considered when traveling, and safety should be put first.

If safety is gone, is it still meaningful to travel?..