What should I pay attention to when riding in summer?

The hot summer is coming.

Of course, you can’t give up riding because of the weather.

It’s so important! The precautions for riding in summer look like! I.

sunscreen measures there must be no need to say more about the harm of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Sunscreen is definitely a very important course during summer cycling! And it’s not only in sunny and sunny weather that you need to pay attention to.

Sometimes in gray weather, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is also very high.

In summer, even in gloomy weather, you should also pay attention to sunscreen.


Riding equipment: during summer riding, you must try to reduce the exposed parts and wear UV resistant clothes.

Cycling clothes: in summer, you must pay attention to wearing appropriate clothes, try to be light colored and UV resistant; Pay attention to exhaust and sweat to ensure the dryness of the body.

In long-distance cycling, quick drying clothes, summer long sleeved cycling clothes or sleeved + short sleeved cycling clothes are all good choices.

Riding glasses: don’t underestimate the help of riding eyes on summer riding.

Wearing riding glasses can effectively protect your eyes from sunburn.

It is best to wear riding eyes above UV400.

Riding helmet: riding helmet is very important at any time! In summer, helmets should not only protect the head, but also ensure good ventilation.

Helmets with insect nets can also solve the problem of more mosquitoes in summer.

In addition, a magic scarf can be added to the helmet to absorb sweat.

If you ride in a rainy area in summer, you’d better wear waterproof equipment.

However, the equipment carried is mainly portable, so as to avoid adding too much burden and consuming physical strength.


Sunscreen: sunscreen is certainly not the patent of girls! When riding in summer, on the one hand, reduce skin exposure as much as possible, and on the other hand, apply sunscreen in time to protect your skin.

Sunscreen must choose outdoor sports sunscreen, and try to use sunscreen above SPF30.

However, sunscreen products have a certain effective time, and sometimes fail with sweat.

It is best to supplement them every two hours.


Adjustment of riding time: in summer, the sun is weak in the morning and evening, and the temperature is not very high, so it is more suitable for cycling activities.

At noon, the temperature is high and the ultraviolet ray is strong, which is prone to heatstroke.

We should try to avoid this time period, that is, around 11~15 o’clock.

During long-distance cycling, it is best to choose a cool place to rest at noon, but to prevent mosquito bites.

The solution is to set up a full yarn tent (internal tent) in the summer resort.


cycling route selection: in summer, the cycling route should be arranged on the route with less driving, flat road surface and shade along the way.

The journey should not be too long.

It is a more leisure arrangement to go back and forth about 100 kilometers.

There are as many rest points as possible along the way, and the coastal line is a good choice.


reasonable diet: in addition to supplementing an appropriate amount of animal and plant protein, you should also supplement various vitamins during summer cycling.

Therefore, fruits and vegetables are indispensable.

In summer, melons and fruits are abundant, but food in summer is easy to deteriorate.

Pay attention to dietary hygiene and do not eat spoiled and polluted food.

Recommended summer fruits: 1.

Tomatoes: rich in nutrition, good quality and low price, containing a large amount of lycopene, which can effectively resist the invasion of free radicals and improve the skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet rays; But it is not suitable for eating on an empty stomach, which should be paid attention to.


Kiwi fruit: it has antipyretic and thirst quenching effects; It is rich in sugar, vitamin C and other nutrients.


Strawberry: it has the effect of removing fire, clearing summer heat, relieving fever and removing annoyance.


scientific water replenishment.

In summer, the temperature is high, and a lot of sweat will occur during cycling.

The water in the body will disperse and lose quickly.

We must replenish a lot of water in time.

In terms of the total amount (about 100 kilometers per day), it is generally necessary to drink 2000 to 3000 ml of water a day in summer, which does not include the amount of water contained in food, that is, the amount of 3-5 bicycle kettles (600ml).

As for the frequency of drinking water, don’t wait for thirst before drinking water, because thirst has indicated that the body has been short of water.

In the process of sweating, the body will also take away some salt.

Too much salt loss will reduce the excitability of human nerves and muscles, cause limb convulsions, slow response, and decline in self-protection ability.

If you still exercise at this time, it may cause serious muscle and ligament injuries.

Therefore, in addition to water, we should also add a small amount of salt, potassium and glucose appropriately.

We can choose some suitable sports drinks according to personal preferences, which is more conducive to the recovery of physical strength.

Beverages not recommended: 1.

Carbonated beverages: although such beverages can quickly take away a lot of heat in the human body, they will have a feeling of abdominal distension after drinking some because of their high gas content, resulting in the false appearance of “a large amount of water has been replenished”, but in fact, the amount of water is insufficient.


High sugar concentrated fruit juice: such drinks are rich in sugar and have high viscosity.

Drinking a large amount of them after exercise will accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and cause discomfort.


Iced drinks: drinking a lot after exercise will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and even vomiting in serious cases.


Alcohol (including other alcoholic beverages): on the one hand, alcohol will reduce people’s exercise ability, including strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance; On the other hand, alcohol in beer will stimulate the kidneys to produce urine, accelerate the loss of water in the body and aggravate dehydration.

Studies have shown that the body can lose 3% of its weight due to water loss within 4 hours after drinking.


Strong coffee and strong tea: these two kinds of drinks contain caffeine, which has a diuretic effect.

Drinking a large amount of caffeine will lead to insufficient water supplement in the body.


prevent heatstroke.

When riding in summer, you must ensure enough rest.

If you feel unwell, you must rest in time..