What is riding for?

Cycling is twice as fast as vehicles in congestion.

The average commuting distance is 4 miles.

Each new cyclist contributes £ 382 to the economy every year.

At the current speed, 60% of the population will be overweight by 2050.

Making a bicycle will use 6.2 tons less carbon than a car.

One motor vehicle parking space can park 10 bicycles, and a three District oyster transport card in London costs £ 5.8 a day, A middle-aged cyclist is in the same physical condition as a 10-year-old inactive person, with a 16 mile commute = 800 calories.

Equivalent to 4 bags of potato chips or 12 pieces of fig cakes or 6 bananas or 6 cans of coke, 60% of car trips are less than 5 miles.

Cycling can live longer, be healthier, be more energetic, save money and be happier…

Yes, cycling can make you better in many ways.

So are you a cyclist for one of these reasons? Many people may not be clear about this problem, but in the final analysis, we all embark on the road of cycling with a heart of wanting to ride, change and realize.

Riding is a seed in my heart.

Maybe it’s because I saw the scene on the street.

A cyclist disappeared in the vast crowd on his bike.

At such a moment, I began to fantasize that I could go to the place I like one day by bike.

See the scenery that can only be seen on a bike.

Riding is a kind of practice.

You may have heard that the Tibetans who worship on the Sichuan Tibet line are Buddhist believers.

They kowtow and worship on foot to Lhasa, which is a practice of strengthening their will and purifying their hearts.

The same is true for long-distance riding.

For hundreds of miles and thousands of miles, excitement and passion are gradually eroded by fatigue.

Only a firm will can make you stick to it.

The people and things you have experienced along the way are indeed a purification of your soul.

When the cumbersome life destroys your passion and the real society strangles your dream, long-distance cycling can take you to a strange place to experience a simple and beautiful life, feel the warmth of strangers, and find your passion and deep-rooted dream.

It is said that riding in Tibet is the ultimate goal of every motorist.

The mountains, the blue sky, the grassland, the people, the mysterious religious smell and so on in Tibet make countless motorists yearn for it.

Experience a lifestyle you’ve never had before, sleep in hotels all the way, shop and chat with roadside vendors, watch the scenery all the way, and think about the next city.

On the way to really experience what hunger is, it consumes a lot of energy every day.

When you find a restaurant, you sit down and eat until your stomach can’t hold it.

On the way, you meet many like-minded friends and talk about heaven and earth together.

This is an experience that you won’t have in the city.

You can only realize it on the road of riding.

Why ride? Maybe that’s why.

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