Wear the right cycling pants and be the most professional cyclist

I believe many new cyclists will have such doubts: is it really necessary to wear cycling pants? Do you want to wear underwear after wearing riding pants? For these problems, just like swimming is best to wear swimsuits and swimsuits, and running is best to wear sneakers, you should try to choose professional ones within your own ability, which must be right! Today, I’ll show you what you need to know when choosing cycling pants and how to be a professional and fashionable cyclist.

The importance of riding pants for friends who always shout “riding ass Hurts”, in addition to changing comfortable cushions, the best way is to wear a suitable pair of riding pants.

Generally speaking, riding pants are tight, and a layer of sponge pad will be sewn on the crotch, which can not only absorb sweat and reduce wind resistance, but also reduce hip damage and improve riding comfort.

The functions of cycling pants are as follows: • wrap leg muscles and reduce the energy lost by muscle trembling during exercise.

• Reduce the vibration, which can ensure that it does not slide back and forth, left and right, and reduce the energy loss.

• Protect the perineum, but remember to choose sponge pads.

Silicone pads are hot and prone to hip acid.

The material of cycling pants is easy to export sweat from the body to the outside and keep the skin dry.

The materials of the inner thigh of the riding pants and the part in contact with the seat bag are special, which can avoid the friction between the upper tube and the inner thigh when bending.

The harness riding pants do not tie the waist, which can ensure the strength of the core muscles and the smooth abdominal breathing.

If possible, you should try to buy harness riding pants.

How to choose cycling pants? It is very important to choose riding pants.

If you choose a good one, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

If you choose one that is not suitable for you, it will only backfire.

• Choosing good quality is like buying clothes and shoes.

Riding pants also pay attention to material and quality, and at least make it “value for money”.

Generally speaking, the mainstream materials of cycling pants are polyester, polyamde, spadex and Coolmax.

Choose according to your budget.

You can breathe, sweat and dry quickly.

• In addition to the material, we should also consider the size when choosing riding pants.

Riding pants must be of appropriate size and elastic, which can not only fix the pad in the right position, help your ass from suffering, but also alleviate muscle fatigue, reduce wind resistance, and move more conveniently, without the Oolong of trouser legs rolled into the tooth disc.

• It is best to have reflective properties.

Generally speaking, a good riding pants must have three protective properties, one is comfortable material, the other is elastic and slim, and the third is reflective, which is particularly important for night riding enthusiasts! The riding clothes and pants with reflective strips can reflect the light, giving a certain warning to drivers, cyclists and passers-by nearby, so as to prevent accidents due to invisibility.

Other things riding pants are a good thing, but if you choose the wrong or use it improperly, it is easy to backfire, and the first one is the cleaning of riding pants.

The padding of cycling pants is easy to breed bacteria, so you should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection every time you wear it.

In order to avoid the deformation of riding pants, it is recommended to wash them by hand.

After washing, wring the water by hand and dry it.

Do not use the washing machine for dehydration and drying.

In addition, we all know the importance of sunscreen when riding in summer.

Many people will have the idea “anyway, you should not wear sunscreen on your thighs if you wear pants”? In fact, in addition to expensive cycling pants, most of them adopt the way of coating the surface of the fabric to resist ultraviolet rays, and this function will be weakened by continuous washing.

When going out for cycling in the high sun in summer, don’t be too troublesome.

Apply sunscreen all over your body.

When wearing cycling pants, try to avoid the following situations: 1.

Wearing underwear and cycling pants, which is very unfriendly to your butt.


Wear silicone cycling pants.

Although silicone is a good material for shock absorption, it is not suitable for areas with more sweat glands.


Take compression pants as riding pants.

Riding pants are just for the use of that cushion.


It’s much better to buy riding pants with waist rope, even if it’s elastic belt than riding pants with waist rope.


The seat cushion is not adjusted properly.

It is too high, too low and not level…