[Video] they suddenly fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. At this time, they appeared!

At more than 8 a.m.

on January 18, an accident occurred in the section of provincial highway S333, Jinyan Avenue, Meijiang district to Xiyang.

A man fell on the roadside on a motorcycle for unknown reasons.

At the critical moment, two workers from the Jiangnan water purification No.

2 plant of Meizhou Yuehai water affairs Co., Ltd.

rushed out nearby.

It can be seen from the monitoring video during the hair time that at about 50:00 on August that morning, a motorcycle driver at the top of the picture suddenly fell obliquely on the roadside for some reason.

After a while, I saw someone rushing across the road and heading straight to the scene of the accident.

What happened at that time and what happened to the injured? This morning, the reporter came to the scene and met Mr.

Duan, the family member of the injured.

He told reporters that he usually worked in other places and hurried back after learning that his brother had an accident.

At that time, my brother rode a motorcycle to work.

When he arrived at the accident site, he suddenly felt unwell and fell unconscious.

Fortunately, two employees of Meizhou Yuehai water Co., Ltd.

passed by and took first-aid measures for my brother in accordance with the instructions of 120.


Duan told reporters that although his brother is still being rescued in the hospital, his vital signs are stable.

If there were not several enthusiastic people to rescue him in time, the consequences would be unimaginable! For this reason, their family came to the second Jiangnan water purification plant of Meizhou Yuehai water affairs Co., Ltd.

to personally thank the two life-saving benefactors – Liu Senhua and Liu Hao.

Love time love time says that Liu Senhua and Liu Hao can still remember the situation when the incident happened.

Liu Hao and Liu Senhua said that when they saw the motorcycle lying on the side of the road and the wheels were still turning, they judged that they had just fallen, so they rushed to help.

After finding the injured, the two said nothing.

One dialed the emergency call, the other came forward to observe the situation of the injured, and then carried out first aid under the guidance of 120 emergency center.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the injured could breathe on their own.

Seeing the injured sent to the ambulance, they were relieved.

Liu Hao, who participated in the rescue, said that they were able to take correct first-aid measures at the first time, thanks to the company’s regular first-aid training.

It’s really a blessing in misfortune.

I also praise two brother Liu who are eager to save people again! For more details, please pay attention to a set of 8:20 Minsheng 820 in Meizhou tonight! Reporter: ye weilinmei Intern: Huang muxing correspondent: Guanhua editor in charge: Zhong Yuan editor review: Zu Quan review: Zhan hongsijiao welcome to forward, strictly prohibited.