These mistakes that novice cyclists make

As long as people outside know that you are riding a bike, I believe you must have been asked a bunch of “similar questions” and asked that your ears are about to grow cocoons.

No matter what you should pay attention to when riding a bike? Or do you want to wear underwear in your riding pants? If you are in the same situation as me, you are welcome to share this article directly and throw it to the other party, which saves time, effort and convenience.


I don’t know how many people have been reminded to wear underwear under the riding pants, but people still ask me “do you wear underwear under the riding pants?” The design of the car clothes and riding pants must be close to the skin, absorb sweat and let the wind dry quickly.

If you wear more underwear inside, not only will the perspiration effect become worse, but also the friction area of the clothes will be increased.

For the thin skin of the novice, it will be a disaster.

So I said, “don’t wear underwear inside the riding pants!!!” ▲ have you ever seen the trail of a pair of briefs on the player’s butt? 2.

Without enough water and food, many novices always overestimate their own strength.

They only take a bottle of water and no food with them when they ride 50km.

As a result, I was really thirsty and hungry before I panicked there.

I remember to bring two bottles of water, nutrition bars or chocolate wherever I go.

When I see the supply point, I remember to confirm whether I have enough water and food.

“You can’t fight if you’re hungry!” 3.

It is common to have no ability to cope with mechanical failure, no maintenance tools, wrong inner tube size, or no maintenance at all.

If you want to ride without maintenance, you should ensure that your riding range is all in the city, and there are replaceable transportation tools at any time, or you can ride with a companion who can repair the car.

Of course, the safest way is to learn how to repair.

In addition, the vehicle should be equipped with two inner tubes, an air cylinder or a steel cylinder, a tire digging rod, a portable tool set and a chain breaker.

With these tools, 80% of mechanical failures can be handled.

▲ tyre mending is the basic of the basic, and you must be able to.


It’s a happy thing to get lost and ride a bike in a new place, but you must also ensure the power of your mobile phone so that your GPS can work at any time.

Although you can’t trust GPS completely after you arrive in the mountains, at least you can know where you are, or you can call for help.

In addition, the portable power supply is the basic of the basic.


It is very important to let the people behind you know what you are doing and where you are going.

Turning suddenly, avoiding obstacles or stopping suddenly without gesture will cause traffic safety problems.

Besides, bicycles do not have rear mirrors and direction lights.

This must be noted.

I think it’s useful.

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